Act 1: Windom Earle enters the cabin and confronts Leo for freeing the Major. Several of Earle’s teeth appear blackened as he holds up a sack and says that he has a new game for Leo.

7:00AM—In the Double RR Norma shows three pies to Shelly and Annie as her contribution to the Miss Twin Peaks Gala Buffet. Norma tells them she wants one of them to be the winner. Shelly asks if they’re going to honor Norma on her 20th anniversary for winning Miss Twin Peaks.

Audrey sits in front of the fireplace in Ben’s office. Ben enters with several books of religious foundation. Audrey tells him she’s afraid she’ll never see Jack again. Then she tells him about her trip to Seattle where she learned that the Packards are using the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan to funnel money to the Ghostwood project. She says the bank is keeping a low profile to avoid bad publicity. Ben encourages her to enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest so she can become a political spokesperson.

Andy studies the petroglyph in Truman’s office. Truman tells Cooper he has people searching the woods for Major Briggs. Cooper thinks Earle has targeted Briggs and, as Earle listens over his radio, tells Harry about seeing Bob when Josie died. Cooper concludes that Bob’s appearance was related to Josie’s fear, that Bob comes from the Black Lodge, and that the Lodge is what Harry has called, “the evil in these woods.”

Windom Earle is enthused by Cooper’s conclusion and tells Leo that fear is the key. He gathers his aluminium cases and says it’s time to pick up his queen to start their dark honeymoon. He declares he hasn’t been this excited since he punctured Caroline’ s aorta. He says goodbye to Leo, who is tied up under a cage of tarantulas suspended above his head by a cord that leads to his mouth. Leo grips the cord in his teeth and looks uneasy.

Act 2: At the Roadhouse Mr. Pinkel directs the rehearsal of an ensemble dance routine of the Miss Twin Peaks contestants. Mayor Milford, Norma Jennings, and Dick Tremayne watch the rehearsal while Norma questions them about the factors to go into the score sheets. She leaves. Lana takes advantage of a break to ask Dick to help her get a prop from a storage room. In the darkened room Lana teases Dick and proceeds to seduce him.

1:17 PM — in his room at the Great Northern Cooper tells Diane that he’s concluded his second meditation of the day in lieu of sleep and that they’re still working to decipher the petroglyph. As he tells her about Annie Blackburne he’s interrupted by a knock at the door. Annie enters to get his help with her speech to save the forests. They kiss and move to the bed. They start to undress each other while kissing.

At her home Nadine shows slides of her wrestling victories to Ed, Norma, Mike, and Dr. Jacoby. Jacoby starts a group counseling session. Nadine talks about being happy and worrying about Ed being so sad. Ed says that he and Norma are going to get married. Nadine says that she and Mike are getting married too. Mike screams as Nadine grips his hand.

Major Briggs climbs to the road where Hawk spots him. Briggs asks, “which way to the castle?” Hawk helps him into the car.

In Truman’s office, while the major trembles in a blanket, Truman tells Cooper that the Major seems to be OK but that they’re waiting for blood tests. Cooper sniffs the Major and says that he’s been shot full of haliperidol . When Cooper asks the Major about Windom Earle, the Major’s responses are vague and incoherent. Andy enters and goes to look at the petroglyph. Cooper tells Truman that they know the petroglyph represents a time but that a door normally exists in time and space, so they must be at the right place at the right time to get in.

Pete and Andrew attempt to open the steel box in a vice; Catherine urges them on. Andrew becomes impatient, throws the box to the floor, and shoots it several times. Pete examines the bullet holes and extracts what looks like a safety-deposit-box key with a metal tag attached. Catherine puts the key under a glass cake cover so that it’s safe in plain sight.

At home, Donna comes downstairs and confronts her parents about Ben Horne. When they remain silent, she leaves.

Act 3: Andy studies the petroglyph. Cooper shows him a booklet in which the symbol that Andy took to represent the 4-H Club is actually a pair of astronomical signs that represent Saturn and Jupiter. He says that a potential for explosive change exists when those planets are in conjunction and notes that they’re in conjunction between January and June. The Major says, “Fear and love open the doors,” and Cooper concludes that fear opens the door to the Black Lodge. The Major says, “Protect the queen.” Cooper remarks that the queen is vulnerable in the chess game and, as Andy tries to interrupt, concludes that the queen is Miss Twin Peaks. Andy knocks over the bonsai plant and Truman finds the transmitter. Cooper says it wasn’t from Josie, but from Earle. They leave.

Act 4: Evening — the contestants in the 20th Anniversary Miss Twin Peaks contest dance in raincoats with umbrellas. The Log Lady sits at the bar beside Mr. Pinkel, whom she pushes away. Dr. Hayward welcomes the audience and introduces Lucy who begins the talent competition with a dance. Bobby Briggs watches from the wings and observes the Log Lady pushing Mr. Pinkel; then he sees the Log Lady appear backstage. When he approaches her, it’s Windom Earle in disguise, who strikes him with the log and knocks him out. Truman and Cooper arrive and Truman tells Cooper that he’s pulling in deputies to surround the place. Cooper tells him it’s essential that the winner be given a 24-hour guard. Dr. Hayward introduces Lana to perform a dance of contortionistic jazz exotica. Andy enters, stands next to Hawk, and watches Lana’s dance.

Audrey concludes her speech to save the forests. During a musical interlude Donna approaches Ben Horne and asks him about him and her mother. She tells him about what she found in the attic and when Ben starts to talk about her mother and him, she concludes he’s her father and runs off. Cooper watches Annie’s speech as Windom Earle moves along a light bridge over the stage. Annie’s speech is well-received. Dr. Hayward announces that the ballots will now be counted. Lucy takes Andy and Dick aside and tells them she’s selected Andy for the father of her child. Dick seems very pleased as he congratulates Andy. After Dick leaves, Andy tells Lucy he’ll try to be a good father and then leaves to look for Cooper. Dr. Hayward announces the winner is Annie Blackburne. During the applause Mayor Milford complains to Dick, who says she gave a beautiful speech. The lights go out and a bright strobe light begins. Smoke appears. Panic sets in. A sandbag falls and strikes Nadine. Dr. Hayward tries to lead Annie out. Cooper recognizes Windom Earle through his Log Lady disguise as he steps on stage. Cooper tries to move to protect Annie, but Earle uses a radio control to set off a smoke bomb in his path. Earle grabs Annie and pulls her off. The lights come on. Cooper tell Truman that Earle took Annie. Truman declare she’ll never get away and leaves. Andy finds Cooper and tells him that the petroglyph is a map.

Notes: Although filmed to be broadcast on it's own, in fact, it was shown back to back with episode 29 on the night of Monday, June 10th from 9pm to 11pm.

Timeline: The events in this episode take place on Sunday, March 26th.

Original Air Date: June 10th, 1991

Official Episode Number: #2021

Nielson Rating: 59th 6.7/12

Directed By Tim Hunter

Written By Barry Pullman


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Mädchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Kimmy Robertson ... Lucy Moran
Piper Laurie ... Catherine Martell
Eric DaRe ... Leo Johnson
Harry Goaz ... Deputy Andy Brennan
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill
Kenneth Welsh ... Windom Earle
Russ Tamblyn ... Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
Ian Buchanan ... Dick Tremayne
Heather Graham ... Annie Blackburn
David L. Lander ... Tim Pinkle
Robyn Lively ... Lana Budding Milford
Wendy Robie ... Nadine Hurley
Don S. Davis ... Major Garland Briggs (as Don Davis)
Gary Hershberger ... Mike Nelson
Mary Jo Deschanel ... Eileen Hayward
Catherine E. Coulson ... Margaret Lanterman, The Log Lady
Dan O'Herlihy ... Andrew Packard
John Boylan ... Mayor Dwayne Milford
Jill Engels ... Trudy Chelgren
Motesjc ... Double R Dinner Cook (uncredited)

Our Rating: B-

Thoughts: This episode has the burden of continuing somewhat uninteresting plot lines and is dominated by the Miss Twin Peaks contest. Do we really care if Ben is Donna's father? Although Ian Buchanan is in his usual top form, do we really care if the contest will be fixed? How did Norma get away with voting for her sister? The Miss Twin Peaks contest seems so far removed from season one that you would think it deserves a Lodge all it's own. However, once Windom starts his pandemonium, the scene takes a 180 and is quite riveting.

"The show had fallen prey to a certain kind of directorial overachieving, so I decided to do the next-to-last episode without any camera movement...I tried to give David the cleanest possible episode to set up whatever extravagant finale he had in mind"
Tim Hunter


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