Act 1: Late night — Andy and Lucy at the Sheriff’s station discuss the night’s events. They kiss and Lucy declares her love for Andy. Cooper and Hawk are studying the petroglyph in Truman’s office when Harry enters and says that Windom Earle has disappeared. Cooper looks at the map and mutters, “giant...littleman...fire—fire walk with me!” Pete enters and reports that his truck was stolen by the Log Lady and that she took off on the road toward the woods. Cooper tells him the Log Lady didn't steal his truck and that she’ll be at the station in one minute. Cooper says, “the woods—Ghostwood.” Pete mentions 12 rainbow trout in the bed of his truck. Truman remarks a circle of 12 sycamores and mentions Glastonberry Grove. Hawk says that’s where he found the bloody towel and the diary pages. Cooper mentions that Glastonbury was the legendary burial place of King Arthur and Pete argues that he was buried in England. The Log Lady enters with a jar of oil that her husband brought to her shortly before he died and described as “an opening to a gateway.” Cooper smells the oil and letsTruman sniff it as well. Truman says, “Jacoby—scorched engine oil.” Cooper has Hawk bring in Ronette Pulaski, who reacts sharply to the smell of the oil and mentions the night Laura was killed.

Windom Earle parks the truck in the woods at Glastonberry Grove. He introduces himself to Annie and pulls her from the truck. She recites prayers to herself as he leads her to the grove. He tells her they have an appointment at the end of the world; he pulls her in to the circle of trees, then leads her past the white circle. She walks in an apparent trance. Earle leads her through red curtains that appear behind the trees. They vanish.

Dr. Hayward is attending to the injuries of Mike and Nadine, while Ed and Norma talk together in the Hurley living room. When Mike tells Nadine that he loves her, she pushes him away and asks who he is and what he’s doing in her house. She yells at Ed to make Mike leave. She sees Norma and asks what she’s doing there. She screams,“where are my drape runners?” Ed grabs her and asks he rage. “35, you moron!” she yells. Mike tells Ed he’s sorry.

Act 2: Ben Horne is in the Hayward living room with Eileen as Donna comes downstairs with a suitcase. When they try to stop her from leaving she screams at them to let her alone. Ben says it’s his and not her parents’ fault. Will enters and Donna starts to cry. Will orders Ben from his house. Sylvia Horne enters and asks Ben what he’s trying to do to this family. Donna hugs Will and calls him “daddy.” Will tells Ben to leave his family alone and then knocks him against the fireplace. Bleeding from a head wound, Ben falls to the floor, apparently dead. Will screams. Donna cries.

Andrew substitutes his own safety deposit box key for the one under the cake cover. Pete surprises him. Andrew says, “Good night, Pete,” and hurries out.

Cooper and Truman park behind Pete’s pickup and walk toward the circle of trees. Cooper tells Truman that he has to go alone, takes the flashlight, and moves toward the grove as Harry watches from a distance. Cooper hears an owl, sees the circle of trees and the white circle of rocks, looks down at the oil and says, “an opening to a gateway.” He follows footprints past the circle. As Harry watches, Cooper moves through the red curtains and vanishes with them. Cooper steps into a corridor of red curtains with a statue of Venus de Milo at the far end. As a voice sings, “Under the sycamore trees,” he steps into the room from his dream. The lights go out and strobe flashes occur intermittently. The Man from Anther Place enters and goes to a chair. The singer continues his song. The dwarf looks at Cooper. The singer vanishes.

Act 3: Andy enters the woods and calls to Truman. He approaches the grove when Harry responds. After sunrise—Truman says Cooper’s been in there about ten hours. Andy asks if he wants coffee, a plate special, and pie. Truman says “yeah” to each.

An old woman sleeps behind the new accounts desk in the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan. Audrey enters and Dell Mibbler greets her. As Audrey chains herself to the gate to the vault she tells Dell to phone the Gazette and tell them she’s chained herself there to protest the bank’s financial ties to the Ghostwood Development Project and that she’ll stay there until a town meeting is called to debate the effect of the project on the environment. She asks him for a drink of water and he fills a glass and then holds it up for her to drink. As he replaces the glass he’s shocked to see Andrew and Pete enter. Dell recalls Andrew’s funeral. Andrew shows him the key and Dell leads them past the chained Audrey into the vault. Audrey tells Andrew she’s chained as an act of civil disobedience. She reminds Dell to call the Gazette and also to call the sheriff’s office and ask for Agent Cooper. Dell locates the safe deposit box but leaves when a security guard answers a phone call and shouts, “It’s a boy!” Andrew opens the box to reveal a note, “Got you, Andrew. Love, Thomas” There’s a bomb behind the note. It explodes. The windows of the bank are blown out and a pair of glasses lands on a distant tree followed by a shower of currency.

Major and Mrs. Briggs are kissing in a booth at the Double RR under the watch of Bobby and Shelly, who are at the counter. Bobby tells Shelly he thinks they should get married and Shelly reminds him that she’s still married to Leo. Heidi enters and giggles at Shelly’s jokes about her lateness. Heidi goes to the back room as Bobby tells Shelly that Leo’ s probably enjoying himself in the woods (we see Leo nervously holding a string clenched in his teeth). Dr. Jacoby brings Sarah Palmer into the Double RR and they approach the Briggs’ booth. Jacoby says that Sarah has an important message for him. She says, “I’m in the Black Lodge with Dale Cooper.” A voice says, “I’ve waited for you” in an empty corridor of the red room.

Act 4: Inside the room Cooper and the Man from Another Place are sitting. The dwarf tells Cooper, “When you see me again, it won’t be me. This is the waiting room.” He asks if Cooper wants coffee and tells him some friends are there. Laura Palmer enters and greets Cooper. She snaps her fingers and tells him she’ll see him again in 25 years. She is replaced by the old room service waiter who exclaims, “Hallelujah!” He says “Coffee” over and over again as he places a cup of coffee on the table in front of Cooper. The waiter vanishes and the giant appears in his place and says, “one and the same.” The Man from Another Place rubs his hands. Cooper picks up his coffee, but when he starts to drink, it becomes solid. The Man from Another Place rubs his hands. Cooper spills the liquid coffee. Then it becomes viscous. the Man from Another Place says, “Wow, Bob, wow! fire walk with me.” A fire appears and vanishes. A strobe light illuminates the room. Cooper leaves the room, walks through the corridor with the statue, and enters an identically-furnished, but empty room. He goes back to the original waiting room and the Man from Another Place says “Wrong way.” Cooper goes back to the other room. The Man from Another Place dances and laughs. He mentions another friend. Maddy enters. The dwarf hides behind a chair. Maddy introduces herself and tells Cooper to beware her cousin. She vanishes. Cooper goes back to the first room, now empty. The Man from Another Place appears with blank irises in his eyes and says “Doppelganger.” [For brevity, all characters with blank irises are described as “shadow” beings.]

A shadow Laura appears and says “meanwhile.” She screams. Cooper runs to the other room where he bleeds from the abdomen. He follows a trail of his own bloody footprints back through a statue less corridor to the first room, where he sees Caroline and himself on the floor, both bleeding. Caroline gets up and is Annie. Annie says that she saw the face of the man who killed her. Cooper repeats her words as a question. Annie says it was her husband. Annie becomes the shadow Caroline who says, “It’s me.” Cooper asks, “Caroline?” and she turns into Annie who says he’ s mistaken, that she’s alive. The shadow Laura screams. Windom Earle appears. He and Cooper look at Annie. She vanishes. Earle tells Cooper, “if you give me your soul, I’ll let Annie live.” Cooper says, “I will.” Earle stabs Cooper. A fire appears and vanishes. The stabbing of Cooper plays backwards. Bob appears and takes hold of Earle. He tell Earle to be quiet, then tells Cooper that Earle can’t ask for his soul, that “I will take his.” Earle screams. flames shoot from his head. Bob laughs. Cooper leaves and the shadow Cooper enters and joins Bob’s laughter. In the corridor Cooper meets a shadow Leland who tells him he didn’t kill anybody. The shadow Cooper grins at Leland and chases Cooper and catches up to him in the waiting room. Bob laughs. It’s night and the red curtain appears briefly with a bright light over the white circle in the grove. Truman runs up and finds Cooper and Annie on the ground beside the white circle.

Morning — Cooper is in bed at the Great Northern attended by Dr. Hayward and Truman. Cooper says he wasn’t sleeping and asks, “How’s Annie?” Truman tells him she’s in the hospital, but will be fine. Cooper says he needs to brush his teeth. He gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom. He squeezes toothpaste onto his brush and then empties the tube in the sink. He looks into the mirror and smashes his head against it. Bob’s reflection is in the broken mirror. Dr. Hayward and Truman knock on the door. Cooper grins, with blood over his face, and laughs and repeats “How’s Annie?” over and over again.

Notes: This is the final episode. Although filmed to be broadcast on it's own, in fact, it was shown back to back with the previous episode on the night of Monday, June 10th from 9pm to 11pm. The closing credits appear over the image of a cup of coffee in the waiting room. Laura Palmer’s reflection is visible in the coffee.

Timeline: The events in this episode begin on Sunday night, March 26th, and continue through Monday, March 27th.

Original Air Date: June 10th, 1991

Official Episode Number: #2022

Nielson Rating: 59th 6.7/12

Directed By David Lynch.

Written by Mark Frost, Harley Peyton, Robert Engels and David Lynch (uncredited)


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Mädchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Kimmy Robertson ... Lucy Moran
Ray Wise ... Leland Palmer
Eric DaRe ... Leo Johnson
Harry Goaz ... Deputy Andy Brennan
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill
Sheryl Lee ... Laura Palmer / Madeleine Ferguson
Kenneth Welsh ... Windom Earle
Russ Tamblyn ... Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
Heather Graham ... Annie Blackburn
Grace Zabriskie ... Sarah Palmer
Wendy Robie ... Nadine Hurley
Don S. Davis ... Major Garland Briggs (as Don Davis)
Charlotte Stewart ... Betty Briggs
Gary Hershberger ... Mike Nelson
Mary Jo Deschanel ... Eileen Hayward
Catherine Coulson ... The Log Lady
Dan O'Herlihy ... Andrew Packard
Jimmy Scott ... Singer in Black Lodge (as James V. Scott)
Carel Struycken ... The Giant
Hank Worden ... The Elderly and Senile Room Service Waiter
Ed Wright ... Dell Mibbler
Michael J. Anderson ... The Man From Another Place
Frank Silva ... Bob
Phoebe Augustine ... Ronette Pulaski
Jan D'Arcy ... Sylvia Horne
Andrea Hays ... Heidi
Arvo Katajisto ... Security Guard (as Arvo O. Katajisto)
Brenda E. Mathers ... Caroline Powell Earle

Our Rating: A+

Thoughts: Lynch returns to direct in a powerhouse episode both brilliant and frustrating. Although it's the final episode, nothing is resolved. More cliffhangers are introduced; are Andrew, Pete and Audrey dead? Is Ben dead? How IS Annie? Of course, the biggest question is the fate of Cooper. In the Red Room, the LMFP tells Cooper he is in the Waiting Room. The series begins and ends with a doomed character looking at themselves in a mirror.

"If you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul."
Deputy Hawk, episode 18


Season Three: Well of course there was no season three. However, over the years various people have discussed what they knew or had heard about where things might have headed...

David Lynch on time in Twin Peaks: "I've got to say this one thing about that scene - where Annie suddenly appears in Laura's bed. This is before Laura has been murdered, and before Coop has come to Twin Peaks. Annie appears, filled with blood, and wearing the exact same dress that she's wearing when she was in the The Red Room with Cooper in the series - in the future. She says to Laura, 'The good Dale is in the Lodge. Write it in your diary.' And I know that Laura wrote that down, in a little side space in her diary. Now, if Twin Peaks, the series, had continued, someone may've found that. It's like someone in 1920 saying, 'Lee Harvey Oswald', or something, and then later you sort of see it all. I had hopes of something coming out of that, and I liked the idea of the story going back and forth in time"

Artist Matt Haley (on a proposed graphic novel): "Bob (Engels) and I had a number of discussions about what the story would be, I was keen to use whatever notes they had for the proposed third season, I really wanted this to be a literal '3rd season' of the show. Bob told me they really wanted to get away from the high school setting, so after the resolution of the Cooper-BOB-possession plot point, they would have cut to something like "Ten Years Later", and then shown us a Twin Peaks where Cooper had quit the FBI and had become the town pharmacist, Sheriff Truman had become a recluse, etc. He also mentioned they were going to have Sheryl Lee come back yet again, this time as a redhead, and probably have her character killed by BOB again. There were also some vague ideas about BOB and Mike being from a planet made of creamed corn, something about Truman driving Mike backwards through the portal into the Black Lodge (which I think would have been a really nice cinematic scene)"

Ted Raimi on his character of Heavy Metal Youth/Rusty Tomaski: "After the character dies in the show, Windom Earle was going to reincarnate [Tomaski] and bring [him] back as a college student, so i'd be like, doing [Earle's] bidding, you know? [Laughter] Like a zombie! It was so crazy. I just respected that so much, that [the producers] weren't too worried about the falling ratings. It was a true artist's show."

Also in a Fangoria interview, Billy Zane mentioned that he would have likely returned for the third season as well. Apparently, Audrey was going to find out she was pregnant, which would have necessitated the return of John Justice Wheeler to Twin Peaks. This confirms that Audrey survived the bank explosion.

Special Notes: Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from the final episode:

Photos by Richard Beymer:


Sean said...

Ok, so Coop runs away from his apparent shadow self. Perhaps his courage is imperfect due to his love for Annie, (fear for Annie's well being). However, due to his love, he ends up in the white lodge.

Annie's pefect love for Cooper will open a gateway to the white lodge where Cooper will re-enter his body and BOB will shoot back to the white lodge where he will continue to laugh maniacally.

Coop and Annie will get married and live a happy life until something propels Coop to enter the black lodge once again on route to the white lodge or perhaps for paradox continuity.

Fish said...

That's about the best ending I could have ever hoped for thank you.