Act 1: Power is still off in Truman’s office. Dr. Hayward removes a black pawn from the dead man’s mouth. Cooper tells Hayward he believes he’ll find a stab wound one inch beneath the sternum, penetrating upward to sever the aorta. As the doctor uncovers the wound Cooper tells Truman he’s seen a wound like it before. They find evidence from a pine tree on the floor. Hawk reports footprints outside, going and coming, made with the same boots. When Truman asks if Cooper is sure Windom Earle is behind this, Cooper says that a vagrant, the victim, was given a lift and driven up the ridge, where the car will be found, and stabbed once. He asserts that Windom Earle engineered the explosion that cause the power outage so that he could bring the body in through the window while everyone was out of the station. He says Earle is a genius who’s taken his first pawn in a sick game.

Candles illuminate the Great Northern where Audrey tells Bobby that it’s their job to help her father recover his senses. “From now on,” she tells Bobby, “I’m the one you suck up to.”

At the Johnson house, Shelly calls Leo’s name as the lights flicker on and off. Leo throws something at her and she tries to run. An owl watches outside as Shelly fails to open the locked doors. Leo trips her with the wheelchair and calls her a “bad girl.” She picks up a knife and threatens to kill him. He throws her to the floor. Bobby knocks at the door. Leo picks up an axe and throws a table over. Bobby calls for Shelly through a window and Leo grabs him. Bobby breaks free. Leo says, “goodbye, wife” and raises the axe. Bobby attacks Leo. Leo holds Bobby up with the axe handle under his chin. Shelly finds her knife and stabs Leo in the leg. Leo runs out of the house.

Act 2: There’s daylight as the body is removed from Truman’s office. Truman tells Cooper there were no fibers or prints. Cooper says that Denise called and reported that the Bureau and the DEA cleared Cooper of all criminal charges, but that the suspension still stands; Cooper’s waiting for a call from Gordon. Truman reminds Cooper that he’s still a deputy and offers him the case. Hawk reports finding the car on a logging road—no prints. He says Hank Jennings missed the buy at Dead Dog because he was hospitalized and claims he was hit by a bus. Hawk cuffed him to the bed and booked him for parole violation. Hawk says Shelly Johnson called and reported Leo’s recovery, his attack on her, and his vanishing in the woods. Andy pulls of a rubber glove, which flies up against Lucy’s window. He tells her that he and Dick think Nicky killed his parents. Lucy gets angry and pulls Andy’s other glove till it snaps. She say’s she’s going to get to the bottom of this right away.

In Evelyn’s garage James is working when Jeffrey approaches and introduces himself. He wants to talk shop with James after he takes the car for a spin. Evelyn says James will stay. James excuses himself. Jeffrey leaves in the Jaguar and we hear the sound of a car crash.

At the Double RR Ed tells Dr. Hayward that Nadine wants to start dating boys. When Hayward asks if she’s sexually active, Ed says he wakes up feeling like he’s been hit by a timber truck. Hayward says that’s due to extra adrenalin and that Ed should be patient and tell her to be home by nine on school nights. Norma brings some potatoes to Ed. Dr. Hayward says Donna took the van and went looking for James. Ed explains she’s taking him some money. After Hayward leaves Norma tells Ed that Hank is in the hospital and said that a tree fell on him. Ed tells her about Hank’s jumping him and Nadine’s beating of Hank. Norma tells him that Truman called to tell her Hank will be arrested for parole violations and may have to return to prison. Norma indicates she wants to correct some mistakes and Ed suggests a cabin, some venison steaks, and wine.

Evelyn enters James’ room where he’s listening to a basketball game. He tells her he’s leaving. She asks him to stay, but he says he needs to check his bike and runs out.

Cooper studies the chess board in Truman’s office and explains to Harry that he and Earle played a game every day for three years. Earle believed all of life could be found on a chess board. Cooper never beat him. Cooper says he put his response in the Twin Peaks Gazette. When Truman asks for more information, Cooper explains that Earle was his first partner; that four years ago they had to protect a material witness, a beautiful woman named Caroline whom Cooper loved. One night he failed in his vigilance; he was wounded and woke with the woman in his arms, stabbed to death. The killer was never found. Earle went mad and was institutionalized until his recent escape. Caroline was Windom Earle’s wife - Cooper thinks Earle killed her and that he committed the crimes he had witnessed. Cooper thinks Earle feigned the insanity, but at some point lost the ability to distinguish right and wrong.

At Wallies Donna enters while Evelyn is at the bar. Donna orders coffee and asks the bartender about a biker named James. Evelyn tells her James worked for her until yesterday when he left on his bike for Mexico. She suggests Donna go home.

Act 3: In Ben’s office, Ben plays with trains and soldiers as Audrey enters with Jerry. She explains that Ben is marching on Washington. Dr. Jacoby, who is perched in a corner and shouts encouragement to Ben, explains that by reversing the outcome of the civil war, Ben will reverse his emotional setbacks.

Major Briggs enters the Sheriff’s station, asks Lucy for the sheriff, and faints. In Truman’s office Briggs tells Truman and Cooper that his Air Force superiors demonstrated sufficient suspicion and intolerance to suggest paranoia. He says their motivation in the search for the White Lodge is not ideologically pure. He believes he was taken to the White Lodge during his disappearance. He says there is trouble ahead, but he’ll wait in the shadows till he’s needed. Andy enters as the Major leaves and asks to show them something. They go into the conference room, where Hawk is present with Dr. Jacoby and the Milford widow. Jacoby reports spending most of the last 24 hours with her and says that she’s not cursed, but has a heightened sexual drive, a knowledge of technique, anatomy, and touch. Cooper congratulates Lana. Jacoby says they’re going bowling and they leave. Everyone follows when she screams. In the corridor Dwayne Milford threatens to shoot Lana and Jacoby with a shotgun. Cooper suggests Lana and the mayor talk things over alone. The pair enter the conference room while everyone else waits outside.

Act 4: Cooper says OK and opens the door to the conference room. They enter with guns drawn and find Mrs. Milford on Dwayne’s lap. The mayor’s face is covered with lipstick. He announces that they’ve decided to adopt a child. Lana says Dwayne is much like Dougie. They leave together. Truman suggests they all have something to drink.

In Catherine’s house Pete says they forgot hot dogs and tells Catherine that Josie already went shopping. Catherine tells him there’s something she wants to show him. She asks if he ever wondered how she survived after the fire and get the resources to win back the mill from Ben. She opens the door to the library to reveal Andrew Packard. Andrew explains to Pete that they discovered the attempt on his life was coming so they arranged the deception of his death. He tells Pete he and Thomas Eckhardt were business partners. Catherine says Eckhardt planned Andrew’s death for six years, that Josie worked for Eckhardt, and that Eckhardt will come for Josie.

It’s evening when a woman rings the bell at the Great Northern and asks the desk clerk for the two suites reserved for Thomas Eckhardt, who stands near the fireplace.

At night Dick, Dr. Hayward, and Lucy enter the Sheriff’s station and take Andy into the conference room. Truman shows Cooper a picture of Jonathan under the headline “Asian man killed.” He says Josie told him she’d gotten away from him and asks Cooper to find out if Josie had something to do with Jonathan’s death. In the conference room Dr. Hayward tells Andy and Dick that Nicky’s mother was a chamber maid at the Great Northern and his father was an attacker who fled across the border. Nicky’s mother died in childbirth. His adopted parents were killed in an auto crash, that the six-year-old pulled them from the blazing wreck but it was too late. Dick and Andy cry.

James is packing when Evelyn enters his room. She tells him she loves him. Sirens are heard as police cars pull up to the house. Evelyn says that Jeffrey is dead. James accuses her of killing Jeffrey and setting him up. Evelyn says it was Malcolm’s idea, that he is not her brother. She tells James to flee and find the girl who loves him. He runs outside; Donna pulls him behind some trees and takes him away.

Leo moves through the woods. An owl flies near him. He comes upon a cabin and enters it. A man arranging pipes on a table and holding a gun invites Leo in, puts the gun next to a chessboard, and offers Leo help. He tells Leo to call him Windom Earle.

Notes: The opening credits were abbreviated when originally broadcast on ABC.

Timeline: Sunday, March 19th

Original Air Date: February 2nd, 1991

Official Episode Number: #2014

Nielson Rating: 83rd 5.4/Unknown

Directed By: Uli Edel

Written By: Scott Frost


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Mädchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
James Marshall ... James Hurley
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Joan Chen ... Jocelyn 'Josie' Packard
Piper Laurie ... Catherine Martell
Eric DaRe ... Leo Johnson
Harry Goaz ... Deputy Andy Brennan
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill
Kenneth Welsh ... Windom Earle
Russ Tamblyn ... Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
David Patrick Kelly ... Jerry Horne
Ian Buchanan ... Dick Tremayne
Robyn Lively ... Lana Budding Milford
Don S. Davis ... Major Garland Briggs (as Don Davis)
Annette McCarthy ... Evelyn Marsh
David Warner ... Thomas Eckhardt
Dan O'Herlihy ... Andrew Packard
Brenda Strong ... Ms. Jones
John Apicella ... Jeffrey Marsh
John Boylan ... Mayor Dwayne Milford
Ron Blair ... Randy St. Croix
Craig MacLachlan ... The Dead Drifter
Gérald L'Ecuyer ... Bartender
Brenda E. Mathers ... Caroline Powell Earle

Our Rating: C+

Thoughts: Director Uli Edel delivers a nice looking episode anchored by two memorable scenes; Leo attacking Shelly and the cliffhanger of Leo discovering Windom at his cabin in the woods. Other than the aforementioned however, we are largely in the no man's land of mid season two Twin Peaks. Was anyone surprised that Evelyn and friend set-up James? The only good thing about this plotline confirmation is the fact that maybe we are mercifully close to ending this torturous chapter in the Twin Peaks saga. The scene with Mayor Milford, Jacoby and Lana at the Sheriff station is so stale and overlong that it should have hit the cutting room wastepaper basket faster than a three day old donut.


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