In extreme close-up we tour a chessboard and stop facing the black queen.

Act 1: Very early morning - Evelyn, dressed in black, and Malcolm are interviewed by a state trooper. Evelyn tells him about James fixing the Jaguar (The officer starts to write down J-A-G-W...) and that she met him at Wallies. Three troopers exit almost in lockstep.

At Wallies six uniformed men sit at the bar smoking cigars and watching an opera on an unseen TV set. Donna pulls James past them and tells him they need to get some help. James tells her that Malcolm killed Jeffrey Marsh. The bartender greets Donna as Miss Hayward. Donna phones Ed and tells him that James is in trouble. The trooper enters and goes up to the bar where the six men greet him in unison, “Hi, Frank.”

After dawn—Cooper and Truman interview Bobby and Shelley (with her arm in a sling) in the conference room. Bobby tells them he and Shelley are together and have been since before Laura died. Cooper asks Bobby where he was the night the Mill burned. Bobby tells them about Hank Jennings’ shooting of Leo just as Leo was about to bury an axe in Bobby’s head. Truman tells Shelley he’ll assign deputies to her house 24-hours a day. As they leave, Albert enters, hugs Harry, and tells Cooper that Cole ordered him back because of Windom Earle. He shows them a map with a large “C” on it formed by markers through Springfield, Kansas City, Lawton, Dallas, and Jackson—cities where Windom Earle sent gift wrapped fake mail bombs to police departments and major law enforcement agencies. Each was paid for by a phony credit card signed “Windom Earle.” The packages each contained one article of clothing: a white veil, a garter, a pair of white slippers, a pearl necklace, and a white dress. Cooper recognizes them as Caroline’s clothing. Albert has a photo of the dead man pointing to a chess piece: the white knight at KB3. Albert explains how the onset and offset times for rigor mortis allowed the hand to be placed. The map was found taped to the bottom of a table at the power station. Albert admires Cooper’s shift from dark suits to earth tones.

At Windom Earle’s cabin Earle plays a flute and awakens Leo. Earle reviews Leo’s police record. When Leo tries to leave, Earle attacks him. He beats him with his flute then slips a shock collar around Leo’s neck. When Leo resists an order, Earle shocks him.

Act 2: In bed together, Ed and Norma recall being apart for twenty years. Norma asks Ed to take her home after she closes the diner tonight. Nadine enters, removing a door on the way in. She carries a trophy. Nadine gets into bed with Ed and Norma and tells them about being disqualified in the finals and winning second place. She apologies to Norma for pounding Hank. As she leaves she tells them she knows about them but that it’s ok because she doesn’t have to feel guilty about her and Mike.

Cooper and Truman talk to Josie in Catherine’s house. Truman tells her she must tell them about Jonathan. Cooper goes for another cup of coffee and encounters Pete who enters with dry cleaning that he says belongs to Josie. Pete goes to answer the phone and Cooper removes a thread from a vicuna coat he finds in the cleaning. He also takes a pair of dark gloves. The phone call is for Josie. Thomas Eckhardt wants to get together with her. Catherine listens in on an extension and says to herself, “Welcome to Twin Peaks, Mr. Eckhardt.”

In his room at the Great Northern Eckhardt tells his assistant that he’s disappointed because Josie has run back to Catherine Martell’s. In a corridor of the hotel Ben sits astride a stuffed horse attended by Dr. Jacoby, Johnny (in head dress), Audrey, Jerry, and five hotel employees with drums. Ben tells stories about Stonewall Jackson. Jacoby observes to Audrey that letting Ben out to mingle with the public doesn’t seem to have helped. When Jerry tells Audrey there are some advantages to leaving Ben insane, Audrey that she becomes executor of Ben’s estate if Ben stays the way he is and that the only project Jerry will have is selling baseboard heaters at the local cash-and-carry; Jerry agrees to help her. Audrey tells Jacoby she wants him to bring Ben back to the real world. Jacoby says it’s time to implement the Appomattox Scenario. Bobby enters in a Confederate uniform. Ben starts to sing Dixie.

Evelyn is approached by Donna at Wallies. Evelyn orders her a drink with a little umbrella in it. They argue about what Evelyn is doing to James. Malcolm interrupts and forces Evelyn to leave. He tells Donna to go home and that he will kill her if he sees her here again.

Act 3: At the sheriff’s department Albert shows Cooper that the vicuna thread sample he took from Josie’s coat is identical to that found outside Cooper’s room. Albert says they’re still checking for powder burns on the gloves. He reports that the Seattle police are looking for an Asian woman in her late 20's in connection with the death of Jonathan, who had three bullet holes in the back of his head, bullets that Albert bets will match those found in Cooper’s vest. Cooper cautions Albert to say nothing to Truman about their suspicions about Josie. Cooper enters Truman’s office, where the sheriff is throwing darts. Truman says the dead man was Eric Powell, a transient, and a former merchant marine. Cooper says that Powell was Caroline’s maiden name. Truman observes that whenever Earle takes a piece from the chess board someone dies. Cooper says he’ll never beat him. Truman tells him they have a local chess expert.

At the Double RR Toad, Truman, Cooper, and Dr. Hayward are each mated in simultaneous chess games by Pete Martell. Pete says he owes it all to Capablanca. As Norma enters and goes past them Cooper tells Pete he needs help to make sure a chess game ends in a stalemate with the loss of as few pieces as possible. Pete says he’ll be proud to serve. Shelly enter the back of the Double RR where Norma is on her knees polishing a large plastic ice cream cone. Shelly tells Norma she needs a job and Norma welcomes her back. Truman enters and takes Norma aside to tell her that Hank is ready to leave the hospital and is going to jail, charged with the attempted murder of Leo Johnson and with breaking parole. He says he’s going away for a long time.

Night - under a half moon - Thomas Eckhardt is welcomed to Catherine’s house by Catherine, who tells a distraught Josie to help her guest with his coat. Catherine and Eckhardt dine and discuss her brother’s business with Eckhardt. Catherine asks why he killed Andrew. Josie pours the wine. Catherine asks if he loved Josie that much and Eckhardt says yes. He kisses Josie’s hand. Catherine asks what she’ll get in return if she gives Josie to Eckhardt. She calls to Josie to bring the main course, a pig with an apple in it’s mouth on a tray of grapes.

James enters Evelyn’s house and asks her why she did it. She tells him she did it because she wanted to. She tells him there were moments when she wanted him there. They kiss. Malcolm strikes James on the back of the head with a pistol butt. He tells Evelyn she killed James when he came back to kill her.

Act 4: Audrey in a period costume identifies herself as Scarlet Mclean and Jerry as her father when she greets Ben as General Lee. Ben asks for General Grant. Bobby plays the bugle and Jacoby enters as General Grant. Ben tells him his terms and “Grant” surrenders. Bobby tells Audrey he thought the north won the war and she hits him in the face with her purse. Ben collapses. When he recovers he reports having a strange dream about being Robert E. Lee and winning the war. He says he feels terrific and wonders why they’re all wearing costumes.

Using shocks and treats, Windom Earle, wearing a wig and a false mustache, supervises Leo’s writing of a note. He shows Leo pictures of Donna, Shelley, and Audrey and asks, “which one shall be my queen?” He tears the note and puts it in an envelope.

Malcolm wants Evelyn’s fingerprints on the gun. Donna runs in and screams. She says she’s called the cops. Malcolm repeatedly asks Evelyn for the gun. She says she won’t do it. When Malcolm walks toward her she shoots him. Evelyn repeats Malcolm’s words about shooting him when he came back.

Cooper waits for the elevator at the Great Northern and looks at Caroline’s picture in his wallet. Windom Earle, in wig and mustache, steps out of the elevator and smiles. He leaves an envelope at the front desk for Audrey. He takes a postcard of an owl and leaves. Cooper enters his room and finds a mask of Caroline on his pillow over a small tape recorder. As Cooper looks at the mask Earle’s voice remarks on how beautiful Caroline was and how he still loves her and knows that Cooper does too. He tells Dale it’s his move.


Timeline: Monday, March 20th

Original Air Date: February 9th, 1991

Official Episode Number: #2015

Nielson Rating: 85th 5.5/Unknown

Directed By: Diane Keaton

Written By: Harley Peyton and Robert Engels


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Mädchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
James Marshall ... James Hurley
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Joan Chen ... Josie Packard
Piper Laurie ... Catherine Martell
Eric DaRe ... Leo Johnson
Kenneth Welsh ... Windom Earle
Russ Tamblyn ... Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
David Patrick Kelly ... Jerry Horne
Miguel Ferrer ... FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield
Wendy Robie ... Nadine Hurley
Annette McCarthy ... Evelyn Marsh
Nicholas Love ... Malcolm Sloan
David Warner ... Thomas Eckhardt
Brenda Strong ... Ms. Jones
Robert Bauer ... Johnny Horne
Matt Battaglia ... Cop
Gérald L'Ecuyer ... Bartender
Kevin Young ... Toad

Our Rating: C

Thoughts: Director Diane Keaton gets lumbered with filming an episode full of uninteresting plotlines (James/Evelyn plus Ben's Civil War arc) and mostly uninspired writing. She gives it her all though with some nice camera angels and a few intriguing ideas (the giant chess pieces during the opening credits) thrown in throughout. There are some bright spots. Eric DaRe's nearly catatonic performance compliments Windom's bizarre behavior and nearly incomprehensible diatribes. Peggy Lipton and Everett McGill show they are still committed to taking their roles seriously. What really saves this episode are the final few scenes of Windom sauntering through the Great Northern ("Oh look! Owls!") and Cooper discovering a message from Earle on his bed. Truly chilling stuff.


Carmen Lloret said...

Does anybody knows the name of the author or the paintings appeared on this episode at Wallies?

Carmen Lloret said...

Hi! Does anybody knows who is the author of the paintings appeared on this episode at Wallies? Or their tittles?