Act 1: Morning - In the Book House Harry is drinking heavily and remembering images of him and Josie. Hawk brings him breakfast from Norma. Harry tells Hawk that he and Cooper can handle things at the station. Hawk leaves. Harry pours himself another drink.

11:16am - Annie arrives at the Double RR and is greeted by Norma, who introduces her to Shelly. Annie tells Norma about life in the convent; she says she doesn’t want charity. Shelly gives a check to Major Briggs, who is at the counter. The Log Lady taps the Major on the shoulder and sits down next to him.

Cooper is reading at the Sheriff’s Station. Hawk tells him that Harry is close to bottom and not eating. Cooper tells Hawk that Dr. Hayward’s autopsy of Josie did not reveal the cause of death and that the body only weighed 65 pounds.

At Earle’s cabin in the woods Leo brings Windom his slippers and pipe, then the paper. Earle reads Cooper’s move, makes it on the chessboard, then gets angry as he realizes that Cooper is playing a stalemate game. He concludes that Cooper has help and shouts that he cannot tolerate people who don’t play by the rules, that many people are going to regret this.

Audrey shows two models how to walk for a fashion show in preparation with Dick Tremayne at the Great Northern. Mr. Pinkel carries in a stuffed pine weasel for a talk he’s going to give. Jack Wheeler enters and asks Audrey out for a picnic. Dick tells Pinkel that “using a stuffed animal to represent an endangered species at an ecological protest constitutes the supreme incongruity.”

Cooper visits Harry at the Book House and tells him about Josie’s Interpol dossier - that she was wanted for several felonies in Hong Kong and had two arrests for prostitution. He tells Harry it will help him to know she was a hardened criminal. Harry tells Cooper to get out.

Act 2: Jones visits Catherine in her office and tells her she was Eckhardt’s executive assistant and that she’s expediting the transport of his body to Hong Kong, where he and Josie will be buried side-by-side. She presents Catherine with a gift, a black box, that she says is from Thomas. She says she’ll be leaving tonight.

Windom Earle, disguised as an older man, visits the Hayward home and introduces himself to Donna as Dr. Gerald Craig, an old friend of Will and Eileen’s. Donna invites him in and they chat about the family and about Donna and her sisters. Before leaving he gives her a gift for her dad, a remembrance of their graduating together 30 years ago.

In the lobby of the Sheriff’s Station Pete studies chess boards and books. He tells Cooper that his research shows that any stalemate includes the loss of 6 to 12 pieces. Cooper tells him that Earle isn’t interested in pawns, that Pete should protect royalty, especially queens. Lucy and Andy, now Pete’s chess students, argue over a move that Pete corrects. The Major and the Log Lady enter. In the conference room Cooper draws on the chalkboard the pattern of three triangles that the Major has on the back of his neck. Margaret says her log noticed the pattern today. She has a pattern of two mountain shapes in a mirror configuration that appeared on the back of her leg when she was seven and had disappeared for a day, of which she can remember only a flash of light and the call of the owl. She says the only other time she heard that sound and saw that light was right before her husband died in a fire.

Jack Wheeler sings “Bury me not on the lone prairie” for Audrey on their picnic. She tells him there’s no one else in her life anymore.

Act 3: Will and Eileen Hayward return home and Donna tells them about the visit from Gerald Craig. Dr. Hayward says that’s not possible. She gives him his phone number and the gift. As Eileen dials the number, Will explains that Craig drowned on a rafting trip on the Snake River. Eileen says the number was a cemetery. Dr. Hayward opens the gift and finds a black knight labeled, “Kn to KB3.” He tells Donna the man is very dangerous and not to let him in again. He leaves to take the chess piece to Cooper.

Dr. Jacoby counsels Ed and Nadine in their home. Nadine comments that they’re breaking up and Jacoby and Ed say it’s more than a break-up. Jacoby tells Ed Nadine will start to feel reality when her mind feels it’s safe. He tells Nadine that she and Ed are about to get a divorce. Nadine notices that she’s blind in her left eye.

The doorbell rings at the Haywards. Donna comes downstairs to see her mother open the door and Ben Horne enter. Ben takes Eileen’s hand and whispers to her.

6:05pm at the Double RR Norma shows a flyer about the Miss Twin Peaks contest to Shelly, who makes fun of it. Windom Earle, in disguise at the counter, urges Shelly to enter the contest. Cooper sits at the counter and reads a book on Tibet until Annie takes his order. Cooper introduces himself to Annie as Earle watches. When Annie serves coffee to Cooper, he notices a scar on her wrist. He tells her the coffee is just right. Earle leaves. Hawk enters and tells Cooper they have a problem at the Book House.

Andy greets Hawk and Cooper at the Book House and tells them Harry has broken all the furniture. Harry sits on a table with a gun and a bottle in his hands. Cooper asks for the gun. Harry shouts that he’s never surrendered his gun to anyone. He adds that he never had a chance to see China. He says she didn’t have to die. Cooper hugs him.

Act 4: Night at the Book House - Hawk and Cooper cover the sleeping Harry with a blanket. Cooper tells Hawk to have someone watch over Harry tonight.

Calling themselves Mr. and Mrs. Hinkman, Nadine and Mike register for a honeymoon suite at the Great Northern. Two girls pass, recognize Mike, and say they’ll see him in school. Nadine hits the bell and demands the room key. After Randy gives it to them and they leave, he notices that the bell has been smashed in.

Ben greets the audience at the Stop Ghostwood Campaign Fashion Show. Dick Tremayne hosts the fashion show, in which Lucy, Andy, and several girls dressed by Audrey serve as models. During the show Catherine sits besides Ben and asks what he expects to gain with all this. Ben tells her the only joy in life comes from giving and invites her to write a check to help stop Ghostwood. They laugh together. Dick introduces Tim Pinkel, who brings out a live Pine Weasel and shows it to the audience. The animal bites Dick on the nose; he drops it and it panics the audience. Audrey gets pushed off the stage into Jack Wheeler’s arms. They kiss.

Jones knocks out the man watching over Harry at the Book House. She strips down to a black nightgown that looks much like the one Josie wore and then climbs into bed with Harry.

Notes: On it's original broadcast, this episode contained a prologue of Cooper dictating recent events to Diane. This was done as the program had not aired in six weeks. This is the first of the final six episodes. The final six were filmed in one block and barely approved by ABC, hence the delay.

Timeline: Wednesday, March 23rd

Original Air Date: March 28th, 1991

Official Episode Number: #2017

Nielson Rating: 77th 6.2/10

Directed By: James Foley

Written By: Barry Pullman


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
M├Ądchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs (credit only)
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Kimmy Robertson ... Lucy Moran
Piper Laurie ... Catherine Martell
Eric DaRe ... Leo Johnson
Harry Goaz ... Deputy Andy Brennan
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill
Kenneth Welsh ... Windom Earle
Russ Tamblyn ... Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
Billy Zane ... John Justice Wheeler
Ian Buchanan ... Dick Tremayne
Heather Graham ... Annie Blackburn
David L. Lander ... Tim Pinkle
Wendy Robie ... Nadine Hurley
Don S. Davis ... Major Garland Briggs (as Don Davis)
Gary Hershberger ... Mike Nelson
Catherine E. Coulson ... The Log Lady
Mary Jo Deschanel ... Eileen Hayward
Brenda Strong ... Ms. Jones
Ron Blair ... Randy St. Croix
Julie Hayek ... Model
Betsy Lynn George ... Teen Model

Our Rating: C-

Thoughts: Well, there are a few bright spots to this episode. James Foley's direction is technically very good. The lighting and compositions he uses work towards the episodes favor (the close up of Windom's ring and the rays of light filtering in through the slated wood of Windom's cabin) The scene with Jones and Catherine is quiet and measured. Kenneth Welsh's restrained performance gives his scene with Donna added resonance. Cooper's comforting of Harry is very touching. Even Michael Ontkean's much criticized performance is not as bad as some would have you believe. However, many other scenes are simply tiresome. Was the Donna/Ben story arc ever interesting to anyone? Nadine's falling in love with Mike Nelson can only go so far and be so interesting even with the obvious talents of the two actors involved. The Audrey/John Wheeler romance is frankly insipid especially when compared to the concurrent authentic romance of Dale and Annie. There is also a riot at the Great Northern Hotel started by an errant weasel.


Special Notes:

Prologue shown before the main titles:

Julie Hayek, who played 'Model' during the Stop Ghostwood fashion show, was 'Miss USA' in 1983.


Production Photo:

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