Act 1: At the Gazebo in Easter Park, members of the Sheriff's department remove the giant chess piece that contains the body of Rusty Tomaski. They then talk to Rusty's friend who is a roady. He tells them they were on the way to a gig in Knife River when they got a flat tire. He then tells them that a strange person came out of the woods, offered some beer and left with Rusty.

At the Sheriff’s Station Lucy greets Truman, Cooper, and Andy and tells them that Hawk is in Truman’s office feeding breakfast to a sad looking stranger. Lucy asks Andy about saving the planet and tells him that she’ll select the father for her baby tomorrow and that she’s entering the Miss Twin Peaks contest.

At the Great Northern Jack Wheeler asks the desk clerk if Audrey has returned and is told she hasn’t and that there are no messages. Wheeler asks for some one to go for his bags. In Ben Horne’s office Dr. Hayward finishes giving Ben an insurance physical and tells Ben to stay away from Eileen. Ben says he can’t as long as the lie survives. Will leaves after Jack Wheeler enters. Jack tells Ben he has to go because a partner was murdered.

In the attic of her home Donna Hayward reads her birth certificate; her mother is shown as Eileen Hayward, but the line for father is blank. As she looks at an album with photographs of Eileen, Will, and Ben together her mother calls up to her that she has a phone call from Deputy Hawk.

Audrey returns to the Great Northern and gets messages from the desk clerk. Deputy Hawk greets her and tells her that Agent Cooper wants to see her at the Sheriff’s Station immediately. She goes with him. In Ben’s office Jack and Ben continue to talk. Jack says he has to take his friend’s place. He gives Ben a letter for Audrey, then leaves.

In the Sheriff’s office Major Briggs tells Cappy to see if any of the symbol shave to do with harvest schedules or ancient calendars. After Truman and Cooper enter, the Major tells them that the Project Blue Book files indicate that Windom Earle was the “best and brightest among us,” but when emphasis shifted from outer space to the woods around Twin Peaks, Earle became so destructive, obsessive, overzealous, secretive, and violent that he was removed from the project. He plays a video from the archives in which Earle talks about evil sorcerers, Dugpas, who access the black lodge. Cooper says that Earle didn’t come to Twin Peaks for revenge on Cooper, that that was camouflage, and that what he really wants is the Black Lodge. He says we need to find out what the Black Lodge has to do with the Owl Cave petroglyph. Cooper tells Cappy to find everything he can about the Dugpas. Major Briggs, to clear his mind, goes for a walk in the woods. Truman and Cooper start to go through the files the Major brought.

Act 2: In his cabin Windom Earle has listened to them and looks at details of the petroglyph on his computers. He says he’d like to question Major Briggs. He clears his chess board and tells Leo to come for a walk in the woods. Leo picks up the control for the shock collar and hides it in his pocket.

A woman eating pie at the Double RR drops her fork as her right hand starts to shake uncontrollably. At a table Shelly and Bobby go over her speech for the Miss Twin Peaks contest. Bobby apologizes for the shabby way he’s treated Shelly and says he loves her. They kiss. A waitress calls to Shelly that there’s a phone call from Cooper, who needs to talk with her.

Mayor Milford enters the Roadhouse, where preparations for the Miss Twin Peaks contest are under way. He sits next to Lana and tells her that Norma Jennings and Richard Tremayne will judge; Tremayne will be the third judge. Milford coaches Lana on how to dress and act to charm Tremayne.

In a small room at the Sheriff’s Station Cooper sits at a card table with Audrey, Shelly, and Donna. He has spread out the three poem fragments and asks if any of the girls has had contact with a stranger. Donna tells him about the fake friend of her father’s, Shelly about a $10 tip for a cup of coffee, and Audrey about the man in the library. He asks Shelly if the hand writing on the poem fragments looks familiar and she says it’s Leo’s. Cooper warns them of danger and tells them to check in with the sheriff twice a day–at 9 in the morning and at 9 at night, to make sure their parents know where they are at all times, and not to be alone.

While Earle tells Leo about the Dugpas, Leo looks at the cards over the fireplace and recognizes Shelly’s picture on the Queen of Spades. Earle asks if Leo would mourn Shelly’s death. Leo takes the shock control from his pocket, aims it at Earle, and shock himself, much to Earle’s amusement.

Audrey returns to the Great Northern, where Pete is standing in the lobby. After Audrey leaves, Jack comes out of the elevator, looks around, and leaves. Audrey enters Ben’s office. Ben tells her she can be the Stop Ghostwood Spokesperson as Miss Twin Peaks. She asks about Jack and Ben tells her Jack left for Brazil a few minutes ago. Ben gives her Jack’s letter. Audrey runs out. Ben acts as though he hears something frightening. Audrey enters the lobby and asks Pete to drive her to the airport.

While Cooper, Truman, and Andy look at the petroglyph on the chalk board in the Sheriff’s office, Cooper says the symbols suggest at time. Cooper asks where the Major is and Truman tells Andy to call Mrs. Briggs. Cooper looks out the windowand tells Harry that he’s thinking about Annie Blackburne. Cooper’s right hand starts to shake uncontrollably.

Major Briggs walks through the woods and encounters Windom and Leo in a horse costume. Earle shoots the Major with a dart and the Major collapses. Jack Wheeler enters his airplane.

Act 3: 10:35AM—Cooper sits at the counter in the Double RR, where Annie is cleaning up. He notices a flyer for the Miss Twin Peaks contest and suggests she enter. She serves him coffee. He tells her that thinking about her distracts him from an investigation. They talk about nature, chemical attraction, and Heisenberg. He invites her to go dancing and promises to teach her when she says she doesn’t know how. They kiss. Another waitress drops a tray of dishes.

Pete’s truck cuts off Jack’s plane, Audrey jumps out of the truck and signals to Jack, who leaves the plane. They kiss and declare their love. He tells her he doesn’t know when he’ll be back. She tells him she’s a virgin and wants him to make love to her. He kisses her and takes her into the plane. A tearful Pete watches from beside his truck. Suddenly Pete’s right hand starts to shake uncontrollably.

Major Briggs is tied spread-eagled against a target on the wall of Windom’s cabin. Earle holds a crossbow and asks the Major about the symbol in Owl Cave. When the Major says that he is not at liberty to divulge the information, Earle fires an arrow right next to Briggs’ head. After it’s clear the Major will not cooperate, Earle fills a syringe and injects the Major. When the questioning resumes, the Major says he first saw the petroglyph in a dream that occurred after he was taken during the night fishing trip with Cooper. He says the signs means there’s a time when Jupiter and Saturn meet, “they will receive you.” He speaks incoherently. Earle tells Leo to put the Major to bed.

Act 4 Late afternoon—Catherine shows the black box to her brother. As Andrew tells her that Ben cleared most of the obstacles when Ben had the Ghostwood project, he examines the surface figures. He depresses several of the moon-phase figures and says he’s trying a few simple combinations: Eckhardts birthday, his birthday, the day the gift arrived. The box opens and another smaller box is exposed. Andrew smashes this with a rolling pin. A steel box is revealed.

Night —Annie is at the bar of the Roadhouse watching the dancing, when Cooper approaches and coaxes her on to the dance floor. They dance slowly. They kiss. She says she wants more than his kisses. Mayor Milford has trouble with microphone feedback as he tries to open the Miss Twin Peaks contest. Annie tells Cooper she feels safe with him. As the Mayor continues his opening remarks, Annie tells Cooper she may enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest. The room goes dark with only a bright spot shining on Cooper. He looks at the stage. The Giant appears in place of the Mayor and signals, “No” to Cooper. Pete wakes up in his truck as Jack’s plane takes off. He joins Audrey in watching it leave. Pete says Jack promised to return and Audrey says Jack promised to take her fishing and never did. Pete says he has some tackle in his truck and Audrey goes off with him.

Leo screams. Earle studies the petroglyph and says it’s also a map to the Black Lodge. He superimposes it over a map of Twin Peaks on his computer screen. Cooper watches the Giant fade and the Mayor reappear. Annie kisses Cooper. The Mayor says that something’s wrong. A sequence of short scenes shows the exterior of the Roadhouse, the Double RR Cafe, the inside of the High School, a corridor in the Great Northern, the inside of the Sheriff’s station, the petroglyph on the chalkboard, and the woods, where a white substance surrounds a pool of oil is on the ground. A light appears, then an arm reaches out of space and Bob materializes. We can see a reflection of red curtains in the oil.

Notes: This would be the final episode shown until the remaining two were broadcast back-to-back on June 10th, 1991

Timeline: Friday Night, March 25th, through Saturday, March 26th

Original Air Date: April 19th 1991

Official Episode Number: #2020

Nielson Rating: Unknown

Directed By: Stephen Gyllenhaal

Written by: Harley Peyton and Robert Engels


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
M├Ądchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Kimmy Robertson ... Lucy Moran
Piper Laurie ... Catherine Martell
Eric DaRe ... Leo Johnson
Harry Goaz ... Deputy Andy Brennan
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill
Kenneth Welsh ... Windom Earle
Billy Zane ... John Justice Wheeler
Heather Graham ... Annie Blackburn
Robyn Lively ... Lana Budding Milford
Don S. Davis ... Major Garland Briggs (as Don Davis)
Mary Jo Deschanel ... Eileen Hayward
Dan O'Herlihy ... Andrew Packard
Willie Garson ... Heavy Metal Roadie
John Boylan ... Mayor Dwayne Milford
Carel Struycken ... The Giant
Ron Blair ... Randy St. Croix
Ron Kirk ... Cappy
Ted Raimi ... Rusty Tomasky - Heavy Metal Youth
Frank Silva ... Bob

Our Rating: A

Thoughts: This episode has a strong cohesiveness and a driving pace. Also featured are two of the best Cooper/Annie scenes; the Double RR scene with a beautiful pull-out tracking shot, as well as the scene of The Giant giving warning to Cooper about Annie entering the Miss Twin Peaks contest. With the exception of Windom and Leo dressed up as a horse, this episode (Like 23) benefits from a lack of slapstick. The plotlines concerning Owl Cave, Windom and his quest to access the Black Lodge are a driving force in the final episodes and are consistently engaging. This episode has one of the series finest cliffhangers.


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