Act 1: James rides his bike along a road.

In the sheriff’s office Betty Briggs tells Truman and Cooper that Garland has disappeared before, but always in connection with his job. When she remarks that the major talked about the woods constantly, Cooper asks if he was attempting to contact an element in the woods as part of his work. Mrs. Briggs tells him that is classified. After she leaves, Cooper tells Truman that the flash of light he saw was a powerful force that lives in those woods. Andy and Hawk enter with a present for the Milford wedding: a matched scarf and ascot set. A temporary operator, there because Lucy is helping with the wedding, tells Cooper he has a long distance call. It’s Gordon Cole, calling from Bend, Oregon, who tells Cooper he has his full support. He tells Cooper the DEA is sending Dennis Bryson to investigate. Cole’s advise to Cooper: Let a smile be your umbrella. Cooper enters the conference room to meet with Roger Hardy and two other investigators, one using a Mac portable. When Roger asks Cooper for his defense, Cooper says he has none but will defend himself in court if charged. Cooper tells Roger he’s focusing beyond the board at a bigger game, the sound wind makes through the pines, the sentience of animals, what we are in the dark, and what lies beyond the darkness. He says he’s talking beyond fear and looking at the world with love. Roger tells him he’s likely to be extradited for murder and drug trafficking and that he may recommend a full psychological workup.

Act 2: Nadine greets Donna at her locker between classes at Twin Peaks High School. Donna asks about James. Nadine asks about Mike and says there’s some major chemistry developing. When Mike walks by Nadine says he has the “cutest buns.”

James parks next to a black Corvette at Wallies. He takes a place at the bar next to an older blond woman. James orders a beer. The woman asks where he’s going and he tells her he’s from Twin Peaks. She asks if he’s good with cars because she drove her husbands Jaguar into a ditch and needs it repaired before he gets home. She introduces herself as Evelyn Marsh, who lives right down the road. James agrees to look at the car, after he plays the jukebox.

Andy arranges flowers in a vase on Lucy’s desk just as Dick enters with a child he introduces as Nicky, his charge from Happy Helping Hand. Dick explains they were on their way for a malted and hoped Lucy could come with them. When Andy explains her absence, Dick tells Nicky they can’t go for the malted. Andy suggests he take them both out for a malted.

In the sheriff’s office Cooper asks Truman and Hawk if they ever heard of a place called the White Lodge. Hawk asks where he heard of it. Cooper explains that the major mentioned it just before disappearing. Hawk comments that “you may be fearless in this world, but there are other worlds.”He tells that his people believe the White Lodge is a place where the spirits that rule man and nature live. Truman remarks the legend goes way back. Hawk then describes a legend about a shadow self of the White Lodge called the Black Lodge. He explains that “every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection. There you will meet your own shadow self. My people call it the Dweller on the Threshold...It is said if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate you.” The operator interrupts to announce Agent Bryson’s arrival. Cooper says he worked with Dennis in Oakland. The door opens and a bewigged man dressed in woman’s clothing enters. When Cooper
exclaims “Dennis,” the man tells him it’s a long story and he prefers “Denise” now. Denise tells Cooper the DEA’s interest is in the allegation that Cooper stole drugs from an RPMC sting operation. Denise leaves for the Great Northern.

At the high school Mike leg presses 240 pounds. Nadine uses the bench next to his to leg press 600 pounds without apparent effort. A coach asks Nadine if she considered going out for the wrestling team. Mike is stunned.

Act 3: Josie rests in Truman’s bed, where he joins her. She explains to him about working for Thomas Eckhardt in Hong Kong since he took her off the streets when she was 16. He taught her about life and business. When she met Andrew Packard, a business partner, she was already afraid for her life so she accepted Andrew’s marriage proposal. She explains that Mr. Lee works for Eckhardt and that he threatened Truman’s life if she didn’t leave with him. She says Eckhardt is responsible for Andrew’s death. She escaped at the Seattle airport.

Roger reads a copy of the Twin Peaks Gazette in a booth at the Double RR, where Norma serves him pie. Hank and Ernie enter. Norma asks after their hunting trip while Hank heads for coffee. Ernie claims to have shot a 12-point buck. Norma tells him that Vivian left for Seattle and suggests he follow her. Hank tells Ernie he’s better off without Vivian around while they have 4 kilos to dispose of. Norma serves two Three berry Pies and 1 chocolate malted to Andy, Dick, and Nicky. Nicky blows whipped cream over Dick’s face. When Andy gets up to get Dick some napkins, Nicky spins Andy’s stool so Andy is thrown to the floor.

At Evelyn Marsh’s house, James gets out from under a jacked-up 1948 Jaguar sedan in the garage. Evelyn explains that her husband, Jeffrey, travels extensively on business and she doesn’t know where he is this week. She says Jeffrey has to have the most unique and beautiful toys; they have to be perfect. “I could have learned something from that if I’d been paying attention,” she says. James says he’s not interested so much in how his bike looks but where it can take him, to a feeling not a place. She offers him the room over the garage, room and board, and anything else he thinks is fair, if he’ll work on the car and fix it before Jeffrey gets home. She also says she’d enjoy the company.

In his office, unshaven Ben Horne, looking as though he’d slept in his clothes, watches home movies of the groundbreaking of the Great Northern Hotel. “Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of York,” he recites as he approaches the screen to kiss his mother’s image. Hank enters. Ben tells him that Catherine is alive and has cheated him out of both Ghostwood and the mill. Hank tells Ben he’s out at One-Eyed Jacks due to a friendly takeover. Ben warns Hank about working for Jean Renault, whom he calls a psychopath. Hank leaves and Ben makes finger shadows on the screen.

In his room at the Great Northern Cooper opens an envelope from Windom Earle: a card with “P to Q4” and a micro cassette tape that Cooper plays. Earle comments on Cooper’s tidy response to his traditional opening and warns Dale that predictable patterns leave him vulnerable to attack. He says his knight’s skirmishing will open lanes of power for his bishops and rooks and suggests he would sacrifice his queen to attain his goal: the king must die.

Act 4: Truman escorts Dwayne Milford from Dougie’s wedding when the mayor objects to his marriage to a “gold digger who just wants his money and publishing empire.”

Cooper takes a call from Denise and accepts his invitation to the reception.

At the reception Cooper finds Denise sitting at the bar and holding the bride’s bouquet. Denise says he had an unfair advantage, “how many of these girls were varsity wide receivers?” Denise tells Cooper he found cocaine residue in Cooper’s car and guesses it will match the lot stolen from the mounties. He says it looks like a frame but needs evidence. At Cooper’s prompting, Denise explains that he had worked undercover in suburban surveillance of a seller who would only sell to transvestites. Dennis played the buyer and found that wearing women’s clothes was very comfortable. At a table, Dwayne
complains to Pete about Dougie. Cooper dances with Audrey. Andy dances with Denise.

Josie tells Catherine that Andrew was killed by Thomas Eckhardt and that Catherine is in danger. She says she’s at Catherine’s mercy. Catherine tells Josie she can work for her as her maid and warns her that if she disobeys or lies she’ll find Eckhardt and feed her to him. After Josie leaves,Andrew Packard enters and says “everything is going exactly as we planned” and now they have to wait for Eckhardt to come looking for his one true love.”

Notes: The closing credits appear over Ben's home movies. This is the only time a non-standard end credit sequence has happened with a director other than Lynch. This would be the final episode shown until episode 19 was shown 4 weeks later on January 12th, 1991. Despite being listed in the credits, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Warren Frost, Everett McGill, Kimmy Robertson and Grace Zabriskie do not appear.

Timeline: Thursday, March 16th

Original Air date: December 15th, 1990

Official Episode Number: #2011

Nielson Rating: 67th 7.9/Unknown

Directed By: Duwayne Dunham

Written By: Barry Pullman


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Mädchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (credit only)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs (credit only)
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward (credit only)
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
James Marshall ... James Hurley
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley (credit only)
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Kimmy Robertson ... Lucy Moran (credit only)
Joan Chen ... Jocelyn "Josie" Packard
Piper Laurie ... Catherine Martell
Harry Goaz ... Deputy Andy Brennan
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill
Chris Mulkey ... Hank Jennings
Ian Buchanan ... Dick Tremayne
Clarence Williams III ... FBI Agent Roger Hardy
James Booth ... Ernie Niles
David Duchovny ... DEA Agent Dennis / Denise Bryson
Wendy Robie ... Nadine Hurley
Charlotte Stewart ... Betty Briggs
Gary Hershberger ... Mike Nelson
Tony Jay ... Dougie Milford
Robyn Lively ... Lana Budding Milford
Annette McCarthy ... Evelyn Marsh
Royce D. Applegate ... Rev. Clarence Brocklehurst
Ron Taylor ... Coach Wingate
Dan O'Herlihy ... Andrew Packard
John Boylan ... Mayor Dwayne Milford
Catherine E. Coulson ... The Log Lady
Joshua Harris ... Nicholas 'Little Nicky' Needleman
David Lynch ... FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole (voice)
Jill Rogosheske ... Trudy Chelgren
Kenneth Welsh ... Windom Earle (voice)

Our Rating: C

Thoughts: If there is one episode of Twin Peaks that could truly be called innocuous, then episode 18 would be it. There is nothing exceptional (besides the touching scene of Ben watching home movies) or offending that is offered. In fact, this chapter has an almost Bizarro-Twin Peaks flavor to it. Absent are many regulars (Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Warren Frost, Everett McGill, Kimmy Robertson and Grace Zabriskie) and Audrey turns up like an extra, dancing with Cooper for about 5 seconds. The pacing seems a little odd here as well with some scenes being very brief while a few seem to go on forever. Richard Beymer has mentioned that his favorite scene is offered in this episode and we must agree. Tough to do with so many memorable moments littered throughout the series. With so many uninteresting things going on, did anyone expect the cliffhanger to be spectacular? Neither did we.

"I remember that that scene was the first time I ever felt like an actor. I have heard actors talk, all my life, about getting into it. I've always thought 'Yeah, yeah - to a certain degree' But i've never had that total giving over to it. For some reason or other, that scene did it... The scene was supposed to end when Hank says 'Ben, you're through,' and he walks out of the scene. The director just kept the film going, and I started saying 'You're out Ben!' and laughing at it all. Then I went back to the desk, sat on the desk with my legs crossed, and played shadow games. All of that was just [improvisation]; no one had said 'Cut!' yet, so I kept going... For me, that was the high point of the shooting"
Richard Beymer (Wrapped In Plastic #39)

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