Act 1: Morning- Hawk, Cole, Cooper, Mike Gerrard, and Andy drink coffee just inside the entrance to the Sheriff’s station. Truman enters and says they’re waiting for them at the Great Northern; the guests will be in the lobby. The One-armed man repeats his description of Bob’s location. Truman sends Hawk to search Harold’s apartment. Gordon repeats that papers found near the train site were diary pages and Cooper tells Hawk that Donna reported Harold having a secret diary of Laura Palmer. Gordon leaves for Bend, Oregon on “hush-hush” official business.

At the Great Northern there’s the sound of many balls bouncing as the One-Armed man reviews and rejects a parade of hotel guests, including many men and women sailors, many of whom are standing in the lobby and corridors bouncing and tossing balls. Ben enters the lobby and the One-Armed man has a seizure and collapses. Ben wants to know what’s going on.

Hawk enters Harold’s apartment and finds a mess of papers scattered all over and the body of Harold hanging in the orchid room.

At the Palmer’s Sarah, Maddy, and Leland have coffee and read the morning paper while a recording of Louis Armstrong singing “what a wonderful world” plays on the phonograph. Maddy tells them she wants to go home to Missoula.

A sheriff’s team is searches and photographs Harold’s apartment. Cooper finds a note pinned to the body, “J’ai une âme solitaire — I have a lonely soul.” Hawk finds Laura Palmer’s diary.

Act 2: Bobby and Shelly review bills and bank balances and find a net of $42 for the month. Bobby remarks that Leo had money that never went into a bank. Leo hollers and mutters “new shoes.” Bobby asks if Leo bought any shoes lately and Shelly tells him that Leo had her take some old boots in for repair. Bobby sends her for the receipt.

In the afternoon, Audrey visits Ben in his office and tells him she knows about One-Eyed jacks, Blackie, Emory, Ronette, and Laura. She tells him she was Prudence and saw him there. In response to her questions Ben admits having owned One-Eyed Jacks for five years and to sleeping with Laura. He says he loved her.

Act 3: At the Double RR Shelley tells Norma she has to quit her job to take care of Leo. Ed and Nadine enter, Nadine complaining about problems registering for the Spring semester. Nadine orders a chocolate shake, Ed coffee. While talking to Norma, Nadine takes hold of her glass and shatters it.

Bobby and Mike Nelson enter Shelly’s house. Bobby shows Mike the window through which Hank shot Leo. They show Leo his old boots and Bobby uses a hammer to break off the heels. He finds a microcassette audio tape and remarks, “It’s not money, but who knows.”

In the sheriff’s conference room Cooper dictates to Diane what he finds in the remains of Laura’s diary: many references to Bob abusing and molesting her since her early adolescence, descriptions of Bob as a friend of her father’s, and an entry made two weeks before her death, “someday I’m going to tell the world about Ben Horne...who he really is.” Audrey enters and tells Cooper about her father’s admitting to sleeping with Laura and owning One-Eyed Jacks. After she leaves, Cooper remarks to Truman “without chemicals he points” and describes Mike reaching out and fainting when Ben entered the lobby. He tells Truman to get a warrant for the arrest of Ben Horne.

Act 4: Tojamura is in Ben’s office. Ben tells him that Jerry reports the Tokyo bank checks out and they’ll accept Tojamura’s proposal. Tojamura gives him a contract to review. Cooper, Truman, Hawk, and Andy enter. Truman asks Ben to come with them for questioning in the murder of Laura Palmer. Ben stalls and tries to leave the office. Hawk and Andy grab him, handcuff him, and lead him out past Tojamura.

The record turns in the Palmer’s living room with the needle stuck in the final groove. Mrs. Palmer crawls down stairs and into the room.

Ben is taken into the sheriff’s station and Truman tells Hawk and Andy to take him into a holding cell. The Log Lady is waiting in the station. Cooper sees her and she tells him there are owls in the roadhouse. Cooper says, “something is happening, isn’t it, Margaret?” She says, “yes.” There’s a full moon.

Pete is at home in the kitchen when he hears a noise. He walks out of the kitchen right into Tojamura’s arms. Pete drops his milk and sandwich and pushes Tojamura away. In her own voice Catherine tells him, “it’s me!” Pete says, “Catherine! You look terrible.” They embrace, laughing.

Mrs. Palmer crawls across the floor of her living room, looks up, and momentarily sees a white horse in the room. She faints. Leland is straightening his tie while looking in a mirror.

The girl singer is performing in the Road House. Donna and James are in a booth. They talk about Harold Smith. Cooper, Truman, and the Log Lady enter and sit at a table. They have beer and peanuts. James tells Donna that Maddy is going to go home. There are sailors in the Road House. Cooper looks around. The old room service waiter is sitting at the bar next to Bobby and Mike. Cooper watches the singer. She fades out and the giant appears. He says, “It’s happening again.”

Leland regards himself in the mirror. His reflection is Bob. He becomes Bob for a moment. Leland puts on rubber gloves. Maddy comes downstairs and says it smells like something is burning. She sees Sarah on the floor then Bob/Leland. Maddy screams and runs upstairs. Leland follows her and Bob drags her downstairs. Alternating as Leland and Bob, they attack her. Leland calls her Laura and embraces her. Bob kisses her. He says that Leland said she was going to Missoula, Montana. Leland smashes her face against a framed picture. The glass shatters. She falls, bleeding from numerous facial cuts, apparently lifeless. Leland uses an Exacto knife to push a letter “O” under the nail of her left ring finger.

The giant looks at Cooper, then fades out, replaced by the singer. The old waiter goes up to Cooper and says, “I’m so sorry.” He returns to the bar. The Log Lady stares at Cooper. Bobby stares at the waiter. Donna starts to cry. James comforts her.


Timeline: Thursday, March 9th

Original Air Date: November 10, 1990

Official Episode Number: #2007

Nielson Rating: 10.4/20

Directed By: David Lynch

Written By: Mark Frost


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Mädchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
James Marshall ... James Hurley
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Kimmy Robertson ... Lucy Moran
Ray Wise ... Leland Palmer
Eric DaRe ... Leo Johnson
Harry Goaz ... Deputy Andy Brennan
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill
Sheryl Lee ... Madeleine 'Maddy' Ferguson
Grace Zabriskie ... Sarah Palmer
Wendy Robie ... Nadine Hurley
Al Strobel ... Phillip Michael Gerard
David Lynch ... FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole
Piper Laurie ... Mr. Tojamura (as Fumio Yamaguchi)
Gary Hershberger ... Mike Nelson
Catherine E. Coulson ... The Log Lady
Julee Cruise ... Roadhouse Singer
Carel Struycken ... The Giant
Hank Worden ... The Elderly and Senile Room Service Waiter
Dave Bean ... Sheriff's Deputy (uncredited)
Frank Silva ... Bob (uncredited)

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William said...

Aren't you gonna post photos with the synopsis? I miss 'em!

Jerry Horne said...

Yes! Sorry for the delay. We are back and plan on doing one episode per week until they are all done!

William said...

Thanks for the pics.

This was the best episode.

Of any show, ever.

I just could not believe they were killing Maddy off. She was like a friend we all knew. And we were slowly watching her being killed in a super long, terrifying scene that wouldn't stop, and no hero came through the door to save her.

The fact it happened in a suburban cozy living room only made it all the more horrible.

And I love that Donna just knows something happened and cries with James. And that she mouths "Rocking back inside my heart..."

It's just the best...

Xilofon said...

best twin peaks episode ever,ever,ever...it is all about twin peaks

Will said...

Does anyone know the names of the songs that the roadhouse singer is singing before the giant appears?

Jerry Horne said...

'Rockin' Back Inside My Heart' and 'The World Spins'. Both are available on Julee Cruise's CD 'Floating Into The Night'.

Dave J. said...

Watching this on DVD, I noticed repeated image of an elk (Ben's office, Roadhouse, Harold's house). Then BAM, BOB slams Maddie's face into a picture of an elk.

(In general, the presence of animals is much stronger for me in this watch-thru.)

Making Things Work said...

Anyone know the song that you hear the intro of when Big Ed and Nadine enter the RR diner?

Bill said...

Just seen this episode (after a 20 year break) on 'Jones' channel. I remembered it as one of my favourite episodes from when I saw the series the first time round, but was reduced to a state of complete stunned bewildered admiration this time. (Especially with the benefit of mysky, being able to rewind and watch bits over and over.) It's just absolutely sensational - sheer brilliance. Totally agree with William. TV has produced nothing to top this, in 20 years. I will watch it again and again.