Act 1: Very early in the morning Harold wields his garden tool as he confronts Maddy and Donna. When he tries to take the diary, Maddy screams, James enters and pulls the girls from the apartment. Harold retains the diary. Outside Donna agrees to go to the sheriff. Inside Harold howls.

Joey Paulsen, Hawk, and Cappy assist Cooper as he carries Audrey into a back room at the Book House and places her on a cot. Cooper sees needle marks on her arm and concludes she was probably given heroine. Audrey calls out for her daddy. Cooper comforts her.

Donna and James talk and rekindle their romance.

Truman is reviewing mug shots in his office. Cooper tells him Audrey had close to a lethal dose. Truman identifies Jean Renault, oldest of the Renault brothers, who runs the northern territories: gambling, extortion, and drugs. Truman tells Cooper about seeing the tape of Cooper at the blackjack table and Cooper concludes that Jean was after him because he got his brother.

At the Great Northern Cooper tells Ben about his rescue of Audrey from One-Eyed Jacks and about Blackie being killed by Jean Renault. He tells Ben that Audrey had a drug overdose.

Act 2: Later in the morning Leo is brought home in a wheel chair by Shelly and Bobby. An insurance man tells them that home care is the stuff of miracles and that Leo will benefit from being among his loved ones. He suggests they childproof the electrical outlets. He gives Shelly a check; it’s for $700 rather than $5,000 after expenses and fees. He leaves. Shelly complains that she has to quit her job and doesn’t know how she can make it on $700. Leo groans.

Donna tells Truman about Harold having Laura’s “secret” diary. They’re interrupted by the arrival of Gordon Cole, regional FBI Bureau Chief and Cooper’s supervisor. Cole shouts. He says his hearing is gone and he wears twin hearing aids. Cole says Albert won’t be coming back, but he has his report. Fibers found outside Cooper’s room were from a vicuna coat. The drug in the one-armed man’s syringe was like nothing seen before, “a combo, really wierd stuff.” Papers found down the tracks from the murder site were from a diary. Hawk enters with Mr. Gerrard. They all go into Truman’s office.

Ben visits Audrey. He tells her how worried he was. She says she has learned "a lot of new things". Audrey wants Cooper to take her home. Ben wants to with them.

That afternoon Nadine returns home from shopping. She tells Ed they can pretend their married, punches him in the stomach, throws him onto a couch, falls on him, and declares they don’t need to go out in the car to neck, they can stay right there.

Jonathan gets dressed and compliments Josie on keeping herself in fineries. He gives her a one-way ticket to Hong Kong. When she complains that she hasn’t received the money from the mill, he says Mr. Eckhardt will make it worth her while. He threatens to kill Truman if Josie isn’t on the midnight plane.

Act 3: Maddy is sitting by the lake. James joins her and offers an apology. She tells him he saw Laura in her, that she and Laura were very close and when Laura died, Maddy got to be Laura — other people saw her that way and for a while she got to be somebody different. She tells him that he and Donna belong together. Maddy says she’s going home tomorrow, then kisses him goodbye.

In the evening Ben and Josie drink to the fire. She has Pete’s signature on the contract and wants her money. Ben stalls, but she won’t leave the office without her money. He tells her he has a dossier about her in his safe and can destroy her; she says she has a file on him in a safe deposit box and can destroy him. Ben gives her the five-million-dollar cashier’s check from the Tokyo bank and she gives him the contract. She leaves.

At night Shelly and Bobby party to welcome Leo home. Shelly is startled when Leo seems to move. Bobby taunts Leo and lets his face fall into a cake.

Cooper enters the sheriff’s office and sees Cole. Cole tells him he looks like a small Mexican Chihuahua. They go into Truman’s office for privacy but their shouting can be heard by everyone outside. Cole tells Cooper that Albert thinks he’s in over his head again. They discuss a case in Pittsburgh where Cooper was wounded, but Cooper says that’s the only similarity. Cole gives Cooper anonymous letter they received at the office. It says, “P-K4,” the opening of a “chess deal.” Cooper says it must be from Windom Earle and Cole remarks that they’ll have to watch Cooper’s back from now on.

Act 4: Ben takes Leland into his office and says he’s glad Leland’s back. He tells Leland about a problem: they received payment from the Icelanders on the Ghostwood project but now a group from the orient wants in - Jerry has gone to Tokyo to check them out. They need a little time. Leland advises him to have the land resurveyed because of the fire and then have a parade of inspections until Jerry gets back with a report. Any money received can go through the Cayman’s for a favorable exchange rate. If necessary they can drop escrow into a black hole for six months. Ben is pleased.

Truman visits Josie as Jonathan carries luggage out to the car. Josie says that he’s her assistant, Mr. Lee. Josie tells Truman she’s going away. Over his protestations of love, she tells him to forget her.

Ben and Mr. Tojamura talk after dinner at the Great Northern. Mr. Tojamura complains about getting nothing for his $5 million. When Ben stalls, Tojamura say she’ll withdraw. Ben says he has to promote healing after the fire. Tojamura says he understands fire, his family was at Nagasaki. Leland starts to sing, “Getting to know you.” Ben excuses himself and goes to try to quiet Leland. Mr. Tojamura goes to the bar, where Pete identifies “The King and I.” Pete asks if Mr. Tojamura likes musicals. Tojamura says no and Pete says, “not even fiddler on the Roof. It made me cry like a baby.” Tojamura says he finds adherence to fantasy troubling and unreasonable. Pete offers to buy him a drink.

At the sheriff’s office Gerrard wants his drug which Cole identifies as having trace elements found in a drug used to treat schizophrenia. The one-armed man says it’s too late. When they refuse him the drug, he changes personality. He says his name is Mike, an inhabiting spirit; Phillip Gerrard is his host. Mike says Bob is his familiar. Bob is a parasite that requires a human host and feeds off fear and pleasures. Mike says he’s similar to Bob, that they were once partners. Together with Cooper he recites, “Through the darkness of future past / The magician longs to see / One chants out between two worlds / fire walk with me.” Mike says he saw the face of god and was purified. He took off his arm and remains close to and inhabits his host from time to time for one purpose: to stop Bob. The drawing is Bob’s true face, “but few can see it:the gifted and the damned.” When Cooper asks if Bob is near now, Mike says for nearly 40 years. Cooper asks where. Mike describes a large house made of wood, surrounded by trees. The house is filled with many rooms, each alike, but filled with different souls night after night. Cooper exclaims, “The Great Northern Hotel!”


Timeline: Tuesday, March 7th and March 8th

Original Air Date: November 3rd, 1990

Official Episode Number: 2006

Nielson Rating: 7.6/??

Directed By: Lesli Linka Glatter

Written By: Harley Peyton & Robert Engels


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
M├Ądchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
James Marshall ... James Hurley
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Ray Wise ... Leland Palmer
Joan Chen ... Jocelyn 'Josie' Packard
Eric DaRe ... Leo Johnson
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill
Sheryl Lee ... Madeleine 'Maddy' Ferguson
Lenny von Dohlen ... Harold Smith
Ian Abercrombie ... Tom Brockman
David Lynch ... FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole
Wendy Robie ... Nadine Hurley
Piper Laurie ... Mr. Tojamura (as Fumio Yamaguchi)
Al Strobel ... Phillip Michael Gerard
Jill Rogosheske ... Trudy Chelgren
Ron Kirk ... Cappy
Leonard Ray ... Lounge Local
Mak Takano ... Jonathan Lee
Brett Vadset ... Joey Paulsen

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Eric Praline said...

Hi, I found your blog very helpful and was wondering whether I could use one of your screencaps (MIKE at the end of episode 13) for a school presentation? I'd put a caption on it and give credit. Thank you for your work!

Eric Praline said...

Hi, I was wondering whether I could use one of your screencaps for a presentation for school? It's the one of MIKE at the end of Episode 13. I'd put captions on it and give credit. Thank you for your work!

Jerry Horne said...