Act 1: 6:42AM - In Cooper’s room at the Great Northern, Cooper dictates to Diane about dreaming of gum drops and eating an ear plug. While doing a headstand he finds a note from Audrey under his bed. It says she’s gone to Jacks.

At the sheriff’s office Hawk tells Truman that two retired female school teachers live in the house next to the Palmer's and do not remember a gray-haired man. Lucy says she’s going to Tacoma to see her sister Gwen and her husband Larry; they had a baby last week, but she’s worried about the temporary help. Truman tells her not to worry. As she leaves Cooper arrives and tells Truman that they don’t need word on tonight because he knows where Audrey is.

At Leo’s house, Bobby helps Mr. Pinkel set up an automatic harness and wheelchair. Bobby complains about the safety. Shelly and Bobby discuss Leo’s hearing scheduled for today. As they leave, Mr. Pinkel gets caught in the malfunctioning harness.

At the Roadhouse (The Bang-Bang Bar) Judge Sternwood presides over a hearing on Leland’s bail request which the DA opposes. Truman speaks for Leland. Andy draws a picture and says he hopes to sell it to The Gazette. The drawing is of the back of Leland’s head. Truman suggests he show more face. Sternwood releases Leland on his own recognizances.

Donna takes a meal to Harold. She offers to tell him her life story in exchange for him letting her read Laura’s diary. He tells her he’ll read it to her, that the diary must not leave his room. He gets the diary and a fresh notebook from behind the bottom bookshelf. Donna tells him she was born in Twin Peaks and asks where he’s from. He says he was born in Boston and grew up in books. Donna grabs the diary and says she wants to read it on the lawn; she leaves the house. Harold follows, steps outside, and collapses. He takes the diary when Donna goes to help him.

Act 2: Afternoon - Leo’s hearing has Mr. Racine present evidence of Leo’s minimal EEG. Racine suggests Leo suffered diffuse brain damage and can’t take the standard competency test. The DA argues that the community needs a trial. Sternwood asks Cooper and Truman to join him and they go to the bar where Sternwood asks Sid to prepare three Black Yukon Sucker Punches. Cooper tells the Judge that Leo didn’t kill Laura and Truman says the community wants the right man brought to justice. Sternwood tells Truman to tell Shelly Leo will be declared incompetent to stand trial. As Truman talks to Shelly, Sternwood tells Cooper to keep his eye on the woods, “the woods are wondrous here but strange.”

At Big Ed’s James greets Nadine and Ed. Nadine wonders if James is in any of her classes at the high school. She asks Ed where Mom and Dad are and he says they’re out of town. When Nadine goes to get a drink, Ed tells James that Dr. Hayward told him to roll with the punches. Nadine returns with a cabinet door in her hand. She says it just came right off.

At the Great Northern Mr. Tojamura tells Ben he represents Asian investors who want to make an offer for the Ghostwood project. He gives Ben a check for five million dollars. Bobby sees Hank walk in. Cooper arrives. Hank tells Ben that Cooper’s here and then hides. Cooper enters as the phone call from Jean comes. Jean tells Ben to cross the border and go 5 miles east of Grand Fork road to Castle Gardens. Behind a Bar, The Columbian, is a veiled amusement park. Leave the briefcase next to the headless horse on the Merry-Go-Round. Ben gives a briefcase with serialized denominations to Cooper. Cooper leaves with the briefcase. Ben tells Hank to follow Cooper and make sure he and the money are delivered and then to bring Audrey back. He tells him Cooper won’t becoming back and suggests Hank try to bring back both Audrey and the briefcase.

Night —at the Haywards Donna goes over a layout of Harold’s apartment with Maddy and explains how the bookcase works. Donna will get Harold to leave the room and then she’ll signal Maddy with a flashlight.

At One-Eyed Jacks Blackie fits an automatic knife to Jean’s arm. It stabs much like a switchblade. They talk about killing Audrey. Nancy enters as Blackie leaves. Nancy tells Jean Audrey’s asleep. As the discuss killing Blackie, Jean examines a dagger in Nancy’s boot.

Andy is at Lucy’s desk. He calls a laboratory and gets the results of his semen analysis. His once low sperm count is now high. Cooper and Truman review a floor plan for One-Eyed Jacks. Hawk enters and reports that the One-Armed Man is staying at the Robins Nest motel on highway 9. Truman dismisses Hawk and Cooper and Truman discuss their plan to get Audrey out of Jacks. They Leave. Andy finds the number for Gwen and Larry. He dials it and connects with the Adams Abortion Clinic.

Maddy enters the RR and orders a large coffee to go. James asks her about Donna and Maddy evades his questions. When she leaves, James follows.

Act 3: Maddy waits in the bushes outside Harold’s apartment. Inside while Harold writes notes Donna tells him about a time when she and Laura, about 13 or 14 years old, met three 20-year old boys at the Road House: Josh, Rick, and Tim. They were nice. They went into the woods to party and when Laura danced around the boys, Skinny dipping is suggested. They did and Laura kissed Josh and Rick. Donna swam away but Tim followed and kissed her. Donna says that was the first time she fell in love. She never saw Tim again.

At One-Eyed Jacks Truman takes out a man at the door and he and Cooper enter and hunt for Audrey. Cooper leaves Truman watching Jean and Blackie through a curtained window.

Act 4: Harold shows his orchid room to Donna. He kisses her fingers, then her lips. When she caresses his face he draws back and excuses himself. Donna runs to the window and signals with the flashlight. Maddy sneaks toward the house.

Cooper encounters Nancy and twists her arm behind her and forces her to lead him to Audrey’s room. He releases her to go to Audrey. Cooper sees Nancy take the dagger from her boot. He disarms her and slugs her, then unties Audrey and carries her out. Truman sees Jean kill Blackie with the trick blade. Jeans sees him and fires at him. Truman returns fire. Cooper arrives with Audrey. Jean has left. Truman, Cooper, and Audrey in Cooper’s arms head for the exit. They are stopped by an armed man at the stairs. The man is killed by a dagger in the back. Hawk appears and says it’s good you guys can’t keep a secret. They all leave. Hank watches them leave and reports by cell phone. Jean grabs Hank and finds Daryl Lodwick’s ID card.

Harold’s return frightens Donna. Maddy opens the bookshelf and makes a noise. Harold grabs a three-pronged garden tool and confronts both girls. He asks if they’re looking for secrets. “Do you want to know the ultimate secret?” The secret Laura wanted to know. “The secret of knowing who killed you.” He rakes the tool down his face. Maddy screams.


Timeline: Tuesday, March 7th

Original Air Date: October 27th, 1990

Official Episode Number: #2005

Nielson Rating: ??/??

Directed By: Graeme Clifford

Written By: Barry Pullman


Kyle MacLachlan ... Special Agent Dale Cooper
Michael Ontkean ... Sheriff Harry S. Truman
Mädchen Amick ... Shelly Johnson (as Madchen Amick)
Dana Ashbrook ... Bobby Briggs
Richard Beymer ... Benjamin Horne
Lara Flynn Boyle ... Donna Hayward
Sherilyn Fenn ... Audrey Horne
Warren Frost ... Dr. Will Hayward
Peggy Lipton ... Norma Jennings
James Marshall ... James Hurley
Everett McGill ... Big Ed Hurley
Jack Nance ... Pete Martell
Kimmy Robertson ... Lucy Moran
Ray Wise ... Leland Palmer
Joan Chen ... Jocelyn Packard
Harry Goaz ... Deputy Andy Brennan
Michael Horse ... Deputy Tommy 'Hawk' Hill
Sheryl Lee ... Madeleine 'Maddy' Ferguson
Grace Zabriskie ... Sarah Palmer
Chris Mulkey ... Hank Jennings
Lenny von Dohlen ... Harold Smith (as Lenny Von Dohlen)
Royal Dano ... Judge Clinton Sternwood
David L. Lander ... Tim Pinkle
Wendy Robie ... Nadine Hurley
Victoria Catlin ... Blackie O'Reilly
Van Dyke Parks ... Jack Racine
Ritch Brinkley ... D.A. Daryl Lodwick
Piper Laurie ... Mr. Tojamura (as Fumio Yamaguchi)
Michael Parks ... Jean Renault
Galyn Görg ... Nancy O'Reilly
Claire Stansfield ... Sid
Michael M. Vendrell ... Outside Bodyguard (as Mike Vendrell)
Robert Apisa ... Bodyguard on Stairs (as Bob Apisa)
Kevin Young ... Toad

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