Episode 8 (In Progress)

Cooper is on his back, with bullet wounds visible on his shirt front. Andy can be heard over the phone. A room service waiter enters with the warm milk. The waiter puts the milk on the table and hangs up the phone and flashes a thumbs-up sign before leaving. A bright light shines on Cooper as a giant appears in the room. The giant says, “I will tell you three
things... There’s a man in a smiling bag... The owl’s are not what they seem... Without chemicals he points.” He takes Cooper’s ring and says he’ll return it when Cooper finds these things to be true. Before he disappears he says, “One last thing. Leo locked inside a Hungry Horse. There’s a clue at Leo’s house...”

At One-Eyed Jack’s Ben enters Audrey’s room to see the new girl. Audrey hides behind the bed curtains and fights his attempts to open them. Jerry visits Blackie’s office and asks for Ben. Ben’s attempt to uncover Audrey is interrupted by Jerry who says there’s a snag. Ben leaves.

Cooper tells Diane about his being shot. Cooper realizes his ring is gone. Hawk, Truman, and Andy

At the hospital Dr. Hayward, Truman, and Lucy are at Cooper’s side. Dr. Hayward shows him the bullet with a tick stuck on it. Lucy brings him up-to-date. Cooper insists on getting up. In her hospital bedroom Shelly watches a TV reporter describes the mill fire as mysterious. She cries. Cooper, now dressed, sees Jacques Renault wheeled through the corridor in a body bag and asks if the bag is smiling. Ronette Pulaski dreams and mutters “Laura.”

At the Palmer house Maddy tells Sarah she dreamed about the rug. Suddenly white-haired Leland begins to sing “Mairsie Doats.” When he and Sarah leave, Maddy sees a red stain spread across the rug. She screams.

At the hotel Ben and Jerry discuss the night’s events. Leland enters, still singing “Mairsie Doats.” Ben and Jerry dance. Leland says he’s back and ready.

In Leo’s house Cooper reconstructs the shooting and says Leo was shot while attempting to hit someone with an axe. Outside Andy sees Albert’s team arrive and calls to Harry. He steps on a loose board that hits him in the face. He dances around and staggers, laughing. Truman looks under the board and finds a boot and a lot of cocaine.

At the Double RR Maddy sits in a booth. Donna, wearing her hair down and looking very intense, joins Maddy.
Maddy gives her Laura’s sunglasses then shows Donna her own plain glasses before she breaks them. Donna says James spent the night in jail but not because of what they did. She tells Maddy to keep quiet about last night. Maddy tells Donna about Leland’s hair turning white. Norma comes over and gives a note to Donna that came to the RR addressed to her. The note says, “Look into the meals on wheels.” In a back booth the log lady sits chewing gum. She spits it out and drinks from her cup.

At the sheriff’s office, Albert tells Cooper that he was sent by Gordon Cole. He tells Cooper that he was shot by a right -handed person 5’-6” to 5’-10” tall at a distance of less than 3 feet. Andy enters and tells them he called Hungry Horse, Montana and learned Leo was in Jail there on February 9, 1988, the night Teresa Banks was murdered.

Mike Gerrard, the one-armed man, enters the building and tells Lucy he’s there to sell shoes to Truman. Truman talks to James Hurley about the tape he took from Jacoby’s house. James says that Laura talked on the tape about a mystery man and that he thinks the man was not Leo Johnson or Jacques Renault. He describes a scary poem about fire that Laura recited before she asked him, “would you like to play with fire, little boy? Would you like to play with Bob.” Cooper asks James for the other half of Laura’s heart necklace. James gives it to him and explains that he found it in a coconut in Jacoby’s

Donna visits James’ cell. James tells her he didn’t tell about her and Maddy. She kisses him and he resists. Cooper asks Lucy and Andy with searching through every edition of “Fleshworld” published in the last 3 years for an ad with Teresa Bank’s photo.

At the hospital Dr. Hayward asks if Jacoby is on something and the nurse explains that he did take some of his food. On Cooper’s prodding, Jacoby explains that he dug up the necklace after following Donna and James. He saw them bury the necklace and dug it up later as a keepsake. He says Laura was living a double life and had decided to end it by letting herself be killed. He didn’t see anything when Jacques was killed but did hear a fire alarm and smelled something like scorched engine oil. Bobby visits Shelly. He tastes her food and moves it away in disgust. After kissing her he tells her there are cops in Leo’s room. Shelly tells him about Leo trying to burn her in the mill. Bobby plays doctor. Before he leaves they declare their love for each other. Cooper, Truman, and Albert see Bobby leave. They encounter Ed outside Nadine’s room. Ed explains how he came to marry Nadine after he thought Norma had ditched him for Hank. He describes accidentally shooting out Nadine’s eye when they hunted pheasant on their honeymoon. Albert can barely restrain his laughter. Albert discard his coffee after tasting it.
Cooper sees a smiling bag, a body bag drying over a sink. An angry doctor tells a nurse to speak to the kitchen about the food. Pete, in a hospital bed, smells his gurgling dinner and reacts violently. He pushes the food away. As Norma leaves Shelly’s room she says she’ll return with soup because the “food in these places will kill you faster than most diseases.” Shelly asks for pie and Norma promises to bring a chocolate peanut butter pie. As she leaves, Norma looks in through the door of Nadine’s room and sees Ed holding the unconscious Nadine’s hand.

Bobby enters the Double RR Cafe and sits at the counter. His father calls him over to join him in a booth. Bobby asks what his father does, and Major Briggs says it’s classified. Then the Major tells him about a vision he had about visiting a palazzo in which he’d been born and raised and seeing his son there, happy and carefree and clearly living a life of deep harmony and joy. Bobby is genuinely touched by the story. Norma enters and won’t talk to Hank. Hank shrugs towards Bobby. Bobby recalls seeing Hank shoot Leo.

At the sheriff’s office Cooper and Albert recapitulate the events to Lucy, Hawk, Andy, and Truman. Cooper believes Laura had two appointments on the night of her death; she planned to see James Hurley to tell him she didn’t want to see him anymore and she got a call from Leo before she left the house. After leaving James and Sparkwood and 21 she met Leo, Jacques, and Ronette in the woods. They went to Jacques’ cabin at 1:00AM for drugs and sex. Laura was tied up and had sex with Leo
and Jacques. Waldo attacked Laura. Jacques and Leo fought and Jacques went outside and passed out. They think Leo hiked to his Corvette and left the girls alone. A third man, of which Hawk found evidence outside the window of Jacques’ cabin, took both girls to the train car, tied both up, struck Ronette and knocked her out, and was so intent on killing Laura that he didn’t notice or care about Ronette’s escape. He put the “R” under Laura’s fingernail just as he’d put a “T” under Teresa Bank’s
fingernail. He left a note in his own blood, a rare type AB negative that does not match Leo’s, Jacques’, Laura’s, or Ronette’s. Albert and Andy have words when Andy starts crying.

At the Mill, Truman has brought Pete home. Pete has mail, a note from Josie a bout her being in Seattle on business. Pete tells Truman that Josie goes to Seattle every three months but that he thinks the business is shopping. Truman tells Pete that they haven’t found Catherine and to be prepared for the worst. The phone rings. An Asian man asks for Josie.

At the Great Northern the Asian man hangs up and then places a collect call to Hong Kong. Ben and Jerry talk with Hank Jennings. Hank says that Josie left last night to distance herself from the fire. Hank describes shooting Leo. Jerry questions Leo’s chopping wood inside the house. Hank thinks Catherine burned in the fire. Ben and Jerry are pleased that the arson will get blamed on Leo and Catherine.

Blackie threatens Audrey because she turned down the owner. Blackie wants no more complaints
about Audrey.

It’s a rainy night. Donna calls Norma about meals on wheels and says she’ll take over Laura’s route. She asks to use the RR station wagon. Leland, Sarah, and Maddy visit the Haywards for dinner. Gersten, their youngest daughter plays the
piano while Harriet recites a poem about Laura. Donna tells Maddy she’ll start Meals on Wheels tomorrow. Leland wants to sing and asks Gersten to play “Get Happy.” Leland’s singing gets frantic and then he collapses. Dr. Hayward says it’s nothing serious.

At 11:55PM, 19 hours since the shooting, Cooper, in bed, dictates to Diane about sleep deprivation and his thinking he saw a giant last night. He turns out the light.

At One-eyed Jacks Audrey lies in bed and “pray” to her “special agent.” Audrey says she’s in over her head and needs guidance.

The giant appears in Cooper’s room and tells Cooper not to search for all the answers at once. He says, “One person saw the third man. Three have seen him, yes, but not his body. One only, known to you, ready now to talk. One more thing...you forgot something.”The bright light goes out as the giant vanishes.

In the hospital, Ronette dreams, struggles and fights. At the railroad car Bob howls next to the body. He runs through a door yelling. Laura screams. Her teeth are discolored. Bob hacks at something. Laura is dead. Bob is crying and howling over the body.


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